A Semi Wreck is No Small Matter and Can Often be Life-changing

Those huge trucks that thunder down the roads of the Rio Grande Valley are often called “Semis” or “18 wheelers”. Whatever you call them they are big, and owing to the laws of physics, if you get into a wreck with one of those things with your small car – even if it’s actually a big car – it can be a catastrophe.

semi wreck attorney

There are about 5.6 million semi-trailers – also called tractor trailers – registered in the US which is about three times the number of semi-trucks – also known as tractors. The trailer has no front wheels and can only be used when connected to the tractor part of the truck so it is called a semi-trailer. The terms semi-truck and semi evolved from that. There are 1.9 million semi-trucks registered in the US and one third of those are in California, Texas, and Florida.

If you are involved in a wreck with a semi you are going to need a specialist semi wreck attorney because your claim can become very involved. This is partly because commercial insurance and commercial licenses come into play, but also because of the problem of finding out who is responsible. It could be the truck owner, the truck driver, another driver, the city, and so on.

Regular Servicing Is Required

Semis are big specialist machines and they need to be serviced regularly. If this doesn’t happen it could be that the brakes become worn or fail, the tow hitch might be damaged, the tires may be worn, there may be an engine problem, and so on. If something like this should occur because of the failure of the owner to carry out regular routine servicing, the wreck may be the responsibility of the owner. A semi wreck attorney will investigate things like this.

Then again, it could be the responsibility of another driver whose actions have caused the semi driver to swerve and as a result hit you.

It could be the responsibility of the semi driver who may have fallen asleep at the wheel. It is not unknown for truck drivers to work for longer hours than the law allows in order to earn more money. This could result in them being tired. They might have taken a stimulant so that they can keep awake, but it has worn off, or might have been taking illegal drugs.

A semi wreck attorney  whether in Harlingen, Brownsville, or McAllen, might find that the city has failed in it duty to maintain the road properly or hasn’t provided appropriate signage, or perhaps has failed to repair faulty traffic lights. There are lots of possibilities that need investigation, which is why you need a specialist such as Villarreal Law Firm to act on your behalf.

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