Accidents Can Happen Anywhere at Any Time, and They Can Cause Injury

Accidents happen! And they can happen anywhere at any time, especially on the roads of South Texas. Indeed, anytime you drive a car or truck here in the Rio Grande Valley, you are risking both life and property. Sure, the risk may be small, but there is still a risk. That is why you pay insurance premiums, and so do the other drivers.

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But the big issue is that, when an accident occurs, will the insurance company pay out? Oh, if it were only that easy when accidents happen! You suffer injury, so you put in a claim and the insurance company sends you a check for $120,000. End of story.

If it were like that in the real world, at Javier Villarreal Law Firm we wouldn’t be in business. However, the fact is that our team is kept pretty darn busy fighting insurance companies on behalf of people who have been injured, because the simple fact is that when accidents happen, insurance companies do NOT like to pay out.

If you stop to think about it for a minute, this is quite logical. If a manufacturer produces a product and sells it, that manufacturer makes a profit. It follows that the more of the product it sells, the more profit it makes.

Insurance Companies Work The Opposite Way

Insurance companies work in the opposite way. An insurance company gets paid before actually doing anything at all. So, it has all these premiums piling up in its’ bank account, which is very nice, thank you. However, when it has to pay out a claim, it has less money in the bank. Its’ profit depends not so much on how many products it sells, but how FEW claims it pays out! So, the less it pays out, the more profit it makes. Indeed, the more premiums it can collect and the less it pays out, the happier that insurance company is. Trebles all round at the office Christmas party!

And that is precisely why we are in business at Javier Villarreal Law Firm – and why we are kept busy! We are here to fight those insurance companies on your behalf, because they will do anything that they can in order to reduce your claim, or better still pay you nothing at all.

Insurance companies are happy to pay very expensive personal injury lawyers to fight your claim, and that’s why you need us to stand up to them for you. Their lawyers will run rings round you if you try to fight them on your own, but they don’t scare us. We are just as big and tough as they are. Take a look at our reviews and you will see what we mean.

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