Accidents Happen, Even in a Small Town like Olmito

Olmito is a long way from being the biggest town in Cameron County, yet accidents still happen here. If you are unlucky enough to be the victim of a car accident or truck wreck, you will need Olmito, Texas, accident lawyers, and that would be us. After all, we’re only just down the road in Brownsville, Texas, and our passion is helping accident victims receive the compensation that they deserve.

Los Fresnos Personal Injury Lawyer

Whatever else you do, don’t talk to the other driver’s insurance company. The only thing that they want to do is to pay out as little as possible – or better still, nothing at all. They’re not on your side, however friendly they may attempt to appear. Sad to say, you are actually in a fight, although it is not of your own making.

The insurance companies have a team of lawyers and loss adjusters working for them who they employ for the specific purpose of making their pay-outs as small as possible. They are called loss “adjusters” but should more accurately be called loss “reducers”, because there is only one way they ever “adjust” the insurance company’s loss. So it is only fair that you should have someone on your side in order to level the playing field – or more accurately the battlefield.

The First Thing To Do Is To Talk To Us

The first thing you need to do is to come and talk to us as we are Olmito, Texas, accident lawyers. We provide everyone with a free consultation and you will be able to find the answers to your questions. This is especially the case when you or one of your passengers has suffered personal injury, because you need to get an idea of the amount of compensation that you should be able to claim, and our team works on these cases every day, so we know the sort of pay-outs that might be required to cover your injuries. Then there is the damage to your vehicle and the cost of repairs to put it back on the road, providing it is not a write-off.

You also need to know about the statue of limitation in Texas, and how long you can wait before making a claim. In complex cases where perhaps several vehicles were involved, there is also the question of figuring out who is at fault and responsible for the accident.

So don’t sit there thinking you can handle it all yourself, because the loss adjusters and lawyers working for the insurance company will be rubbing their hands with glee as they anticipate their bonuses. Come and talk to us at the Villarreal Law Firm: we are Olmito, Texas, accident lawyers, and we know how to fight your case to get you the compensation you deserve.

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