Cameron County Is a Great Place to Live, but Still Has Its’ Share of Car Accidents

Cameron County is a border zone. It’s a great culture – the mix of American and Mexican cultures is really fantastic, despite unfortunate press about the “border”. We’ll ignore politics, but instead celebrate our diversity of cultures here in the “border zone”.

Cameron County has a great culture, but nonetheless has car accidents.

We love living in Cameron County, but we also have to accept that – despite the fact it’s a great place to live – we get our fair share of car accidents here, the same as the rest of the US.

And not only car accidents, although they are some of the worst, but all sorts of other accidents as well. Construction sites suffer from accidents. So do people going out for an afternoon on the river in their boat. Slip and fall accidents are common. These are where, for example, you go into a shop to buy something, and someone has dropped, say, a bottle of wine, which has poured all over the floor. If the shop assistants don’t mop it up and you don’t see it, you can easily slip on it and suffer injuries which can be catastrophic, especially if there is broken glass all over the place.

The Law Says That You Should Get Compensation

If anything like this should happen to you, no matter where or when, and it is not your fault, then the law says that the person or company who is at fault is responsible and must pay you compensation.

Of course, this compensation doesn’t come from the individual or company. They are not likely to have a couple of hundred thousand dollars tucked in their back pocket. Rather, it comes from their insurers. And this is where the problem arises, because insurance companies do not like to pay out. We have said this many times, but it is simple economics: the less an insurance company pays out, the more profit it makes.

This is why you will need Cameron County accident lawyers on your side if it should happen to you. At Villarreal Law Firm, as Cameron County accident lawyers, we can help you fight against the insurance company lawyers in such circumstances.

Insurance company lawyers?

Oh, yes. They employ very expensive lawyers themselves for the sole purpose of trying to pay you as little as possible when one of their insured is responsible for your injuries.

And that is why you need us, as Cameron County accident lawyers, to level things up and fight them on your behalf. We are here to ensure that you get the full amount of compensation that the law says that you deserve.

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