Car Accident? It Could Mean BIG Settlement!

Accidents happen all day and every day not just in Brownsville but in Harlingen, San Benito, McAllen and elsewhere here in the Rio Grande Valley. The good news is that many people go through their whole lives without suffering a serious accident.

You may get a lot of compensation for a non-fault accident in Brownsville, Texas.

The bad news is that others may suffer from several. It is really just a question of whether you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. After all, the dictionary definition of “accident” is “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury”.

Certainly, it is possible to have an accident that doesn’t result in injury, such as tripping over the dog when you are carrying a bottle of wine from the kitchen to the dinner table and dropping the bottle, which smashes, but without you falling over. That is very annoying, but all things being equal, no real harm done.

However, you could also be walking along the sidewalk when a truck suffers a burst tire and mounts the sidewalk, striking you as it does so. You would be exceptionally lucky to walk away from that without injury.

You Could Claim Compensation after an Injury

Now, if that should happen, you are in a position where you can claim compensation for your injuries, but this is where things start to get difficult. There are so many factors involved such as whose fault it was, how much injury you have suffered, how much you should claim, who you should claim it from, and a whole lot more. If this happens to you then you need us at Villarreal Law Firm as injury lawyers near you in Brownsville.

When we say injury lawyers near you, we don’t mean that you have to live in Brownsville, nor that the accident happened there. It could happen anywhere in Cameron County, and even beyond. What you need is our expertise in determining who was in the wrong, how it happened, how much you can claim for your particular injuries (every injury is different of course), who should pay, and so on.

Then you have to realize that there is almost always an insurance company involved. Even if you have a slip and fall accident in Walmart or any other store, they will be insured, and ultimately it is the insurance company who will have to pay.

That is another issue, because insurance companies don’t like to pay claims! So, they will do everything that they can in order to reduce your claim to the minimum, or even wipe it out altogether. They can do all sorts of things such as telling the court that it was your fault – even though it wasn’t!

That is why, if you have been involved in an accident, you need to come to us straight away as injury lawyers near you, so that we can get you the damages that you deserve.

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