Harlingen TX Has More than its Fair Share of Truck Accidents

Harlingen has a ton of traffic, and since it has the airport, it is the nexus of traffic here in the Rio Grande Valley. Unfortunately, that also means that it’s the place where many trucking accidents happen. It is logical really, because all sorts of companies who are manufacturers or suppliers will ship their goods to other parts of the country, or even abroad, by air, so there are trucks constantly going to and from the airport.

Trucking accident lawyer in Harlingen Texas

The problem is that, if you get hit by a truck, unless it is at very low speed, it is going to do some significant damage – and not to the truck! Very often, the truck may only have a few scratches, but your car is going to be a very different story. In most cases, it will be a write-off. But you may also have suffered some serious injuries, and if this is the case you are going to need a trucking accident lawyer in Harlingen, Texas.

An Insurance Company Is Now Involved

This is because, if the accident was the fault of the driver of the truck, you can claim for compensation for your injuries, and that means that his insurance company is now involved. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not noted for their generosity when it comes to paying out a claim. Indeed, the opposite is true. They hate paying out because the more they have to pay, the less profit they make. The converse is also true: the less they pay out, the more profit they make, so it is easy to see why they pay out as little as possible.

To this end, they employ very expensive trucking accident lawyers who are there for the sole purpose of seeing to it that their insurance company reduces every claim to the minimum. This is why you need a trucking accident lawyer who works in and around Harlingen, Texas, to stand up to them and fight them on your side. You can’t fight them on your own because they will walk all over you.

Now obviously you didn’t want to get into a fight, but if the other side starts one – which they will – then you are in a fight whether you like it or not. That is, unless you are happy to walk away with far less than you deserve, or even nothing at all.

As a trucking accident lawyer in Harlingen, Texas, our own attorney, Javier Villarreal, has recovered over $500 million for clients over the last few years, and he can do the same for you. Make an appointment to come to our Brownsville personal injury law firm – or we can come to you if you prefer. It won’t cost you anything because the consultation is free.

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