If You Have Been in an Accident, a Brownsville Attorney Will See You for Free

Have you been in a traffic accident, especially one that was not your fault? If so, you might need Brownsville traffic accident lawyers, particularly if there are injuries. This is because, if you have been injured, you will be due for compensation, and that compensation has to be paid by the other party’s insurance company.

If you are involved in an accident that was the fault of someone else, their insurance company will fight to pay you as little as possible. You need professional help.

And – surprise, surprise – insurance companies don’t like paying out large sums of money, despite what they may say in their advertising.

In fact, they don’t like paying out any sort of money, so they will wriggle and squirm and try all sorts of dirty tricks so that they can pay you as little as possible, and preferably nothing at all. That’s why you need us at Villarreal Law Firm as your Brownsville traffic accident lawyers.

“But lawyers cost money”, we hear you say, “and I don’t have any money. Well, at least not the sort of amounts lawyers charge”.

Fear not. When you book a consultation with us as Brownsville traffic accident lawyers, it is completely FREE. Yes, you read that correctly, having a consultation with one of our personal injury experts will cost you nothing at all! We can advise you of your rights and the law, and also a rough idea of how much a court might award you.

What’s more, if you instruct us to take on your case and fight the insurance company on your behalf, that won’t cost you anything either!

“Huh? How does that work? How do you get paid?”

Actually, It’s Simple. Call our Personal Injury Lawyers to Discuss How Contingency Works

It’s actually very simple. We work on what is known as a contingency basis. What that means is that we will agree between us, before we start, that you will pay us a certain percentage of the amount of money that we win for you. So therefore, if we don’t win any money for you (very unlikely!) you don’t have to pay us a cent. We will pay all the court fees upfront on your behalf. You only pay us the agreed percentage of the actual amount of money that we win, after we have won it.

So, if you think about it, there is no way that you can lose a cent. The only way is up. You can only win.

What’s more, as you might guess, we are not all that keen on working for nothing and paying all the court fees as well, so you can rest assured that we are going to leave no stone unturned in order to get you the compensation that you deserve.

So, the first step is, if you have been injured in a traffic accident, to call us on (956) 300-0000 – that’s (956) 3 million – and book a consultation with one of our experts. With offices in Brownsville, we serve the entire Rio Grande Valley – from McAllen to Brownsville, Harlingen to South Padre Island, and everywhere in between.

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