If You Have Suffered a Personal Injury, You Need a Free Consultation with a Brownsville Attorney

Any personal injury attorney worth his or her salt will give you a 30-minute free consultation. They will review the facts of your case and advise you on whether you do, or do not, “have a case”.

A free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in the Rio Grande ValleyIn fact, because most personal injury lawyers here in South Texas and throughout the USA are paid on a contingency basis – that’s no win, no fee – they probably won’t take your case unless they think they have a good chance of winning it. After all, lawyers don’t want to work for nothing any more than anyone else would.

So if you need a personal injury lawyer in Brownsville, reach out to us at Villarreal Law Firm. We’ll give you that free 30-minute consultation and examine your case and advise you accordingly. In fact, we often take cases that other attorneys might not, because we are known as fighters. We don’t just take the easy cases. Oh no! We love a good fight and we like to take on the (very expensive) lawyers that the insurance companies employ and come out on the winning side!

We don’t just accept clients from Brownsville, but from the whole of the Rio Grande Valley, and further afield as well. So if you have been involved in a non-fault accident of any description – car wreck, slip and fall, boat accidents, trucking accidents, animal attacks, and more – don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here is something you wouldn’t know: sometimes the lawyers for the insurance company on the other side actually advise their client – the insurance company – to back down and pay the claim. That’s because they know that once we get on the job, they have a fight on their hands. However, in many instances they fight anyway, because they earn more in fees that way.

It’s Not Just About Winning Your Case

Furthermore, it is not just about winning your case. No, really! As a personal injury lawyer in Brownsville it is about seeing that we (a) win your case and (b) insure that you get paid every cent of compensation that the law says that you should have. It is one thing winning the case, although that’s not bad, but quite another making certain that you get maximum compensation.

In the vast majority of cases, the lawyers for the insurance company will concede when they have lost the case, but then carry on a battle to reduce the actual amount that you finish up getting paid to the absolute minimum. As far as we are concerned it has to be the absolute maximum. And we don’t give up easy! Let’s face it: why should you settle for second best?

So when you need a personal injury lawyer in Brownsville, talk to Villarreal Law Firm.

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