If You have the Misfortune to be in a Car Wreck you need a Big Firm of Lawyers in Brownsville

Auto accidents happen all the time and everywhere. And we get a lot of them in Texas because Texas is a big state. After Alaska it is the biggest state in the US, but they don’t have as many car wrecks as we do because a lot of it is covered in ice. However, if you are involved in a car wreck that is not your fault you need to think big.

Los Fresnos Personal Injury Lawyer

So you might think bigger than just Brownsville or Harlingen, and up to Cameron County. And you might think bigger than a lawyer up to a law firm, especially when it comes to auto accident law firms in Cameron County, Texas. You need a law firm which can help you and represent you wherever you happen to live in Cameron County, and one of the biggest auto accident law firms in Cameron County, Texas, is the Law Firm of Javier Villarreal.

We are specialists in representing people in Cameron County and beyond who have been in a car wreck that was no fault of their own and need to receive the compensation that they deserve. We have a large team of lawyers who are dealing with auto accidents every day, and as a result we know how to deal with the lawyers appointed by the insurance companies.

Why Does An Insurance Company Need A Lawyer?

You might wonder why an insurance company would need a lawyer here in Brownsville, Texas. Surely, they are there to pay out when an accident involving one of their insured is responsible for it?

That is somewhat naïve. The very last thing an insurance company wants to do is to pay out. They are not in business to make payments, they are in business to make profits, so the less they pay, the more money they make, and that’s why they appoint lawyers – at great expense – to tell a court why the accident is not their customer’s fault, but yours instead.

This is why you need an auto accident lawyer on your side to fight for you in court. Villarreal Law Firm is one of the biggest auto accident law firms in Cameron County, Texas, and has recovered millions and millions of dollars for clients by standing up and fighting for their rights.

The insurance company lawyers know every last inch of the law like the back of their hands, but so do we, and that’s why we have such success on behalf of our clients. So if you have been involved in an auto accident, just click on the Free Consultation link at the top of the page. Our advice is free.

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