If You Need a Harlingen Personal Injury Lawyer, Look Further Afield

Here’s a thought: if you have been involved in an accident in Harlingen which was not your fault, or an accident anywhere else but you live in Harlingen, you might be tempted to restrict your search for the best personal injury lawyer in Harlingen just to Harlingen. That’s understandable.

Car wreck attorney in Los Fresno, Texas

But consider this: the best personal injury lawyer in Harlingen might not actually physically have their offices in Harlingen. Their offices might be in Brownsville.

And here’s the best part: it doesn’t matter.

Why? Because most of your contact with a personal injury lawyer is going to be over the phone and online via email. So it doesn’t matter whether your personal injury lawyer is in Harlingen, Brownsville, or for that matter Bonga Bonga – wherever that might be! What matters is that you get the BEST personal injury lawyer. Period.

So if the accident was in Harlingen or you live in Harlingen, then widen your search to Brownsville.

We Get Results! An Attorney Who Fights for You!

Why? Because in Brownsville you will find the Villarreal Law Firm and we are known as the best personal injury lawyer not just in Harlingen and Brownsville, but in the whole of Cameron County – and further afield as well. That’s because we get results. And we get results because we fight. We are not the slightest bit worried by the “big boy” lawyers that the insurance companies employ on great fat salaries.

In fact, our reputation is such that the insurance company lawyers are often more scared of us, because they know they are fighting a losing battle. They know our reputation, and as a result they will often advise their clients – the insurance companies – to back down and settle the claim when they know that we are on the case.

We are so good at what we do because it is ALL we do. You may have seen our commercials on the TV, and if you have you will know that we have recovered millions and millions of dollars for our clients. That’s because we know and understand all the ins and outs of the law just as well as the insurance company lawyers, and there is nothing we like better than a good fight! And coming out winning!

So when you need the best personal injury lawyer in Harlingen remember that we are in Brownsville. It’s only 25 miles away anyway. But we can have an initial consultation over the phone, or on Skype, but if you prefer, we would welcome you to drop by our offices. Our aim is very simple, whether you are in Harlingen or anywhere else. It is nothing short of getting you the compensation that you deserve.

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