Looking For An Accident Lawyer? Which Would You Prefer – Spanish Or English?

If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident of any sort in South Texas that is not your fault you really do need the services of an accident lawyer – or in Spanish an abogado de accidentes.

Brownsville Auto Accident LawyerOf course, South Texas is a melting pot and we have Mexicans and Anglos, and English and Spanish. Some people speak both fluently which can be very useful, but others only speak Spanish or English.

If you are one of the latter, then you will need to find an accident lawyer that is also an abogado de accidentes and speaks both languages so that it makes it easy to progress your case. The last thing that you need if you have had an accident and are in pain is to have to have a relative with you who can translate what the lawyer is saying. He may be a very good lawyer indeed, but if you can’t understand what he is saying – and he or she can’t understand you – then things are not going to get off to a very good start.

Fortunately, at Villarreal Law Firm, not only are we regarded as the leading accident attorneys in South Texas, but we are also the leading “abogado de accidentes” because our staff are bilingual. It doesn’t matter which language you speak because we are still able to represent you perfectly.

Whatever sort of accident you have had, whether it is slip and fall, a car wreck, an animal attack, a boating accident, a construction accident, an accidente de camiones, an accidente peatonal, or more, the experts at Villarreal Law Firm are on your side.

The Insurance Company Doesn’t Want To Pay – as Your Abogado, We Want to Make Them

The one thing that you can be certain of if you have had an accident is that the insurance company involved doesn’t want to pay out. That applies whether it is the insurance company of the person or company that caused your accident, or even your own insurance company trying to reduce your claim by arguing that you were not covered for that particular incident, or that your injuries are nowhere near as bad as they actually are. Insurance companies do not want to pay out – period!

It stands to reason, because the less they pay out the more profit they make and – to give them their due – they are in business for profit after all. However, there is a thin line between making a profit and paying you less compensation than that to which you are entitled.

This is why you need a bufete (that’s a law firm, by the way) that can fight the insurance companies on your behalf and get you the compensation that you deserve.

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