San Benito Is a Small City but if You Suffer Car Accident Injuries We Can Help

San Benito is not a big city. Quite the opposite. The population is only just 25,000. However, it is set astride Interstate 69E so there is a lot of traffic running up from Mexico through Brownsville and on to Harlingen and Valley International Airport, and of course the other way too, so San Benito has its’ fair share of car and truck wrecks.

San Benito personal injury lawyers.

Quite a number of car wrecks don’t result in any injuries to those involved, but others can and do result in injuries that can be minor or very serious, especially if something as big as an 18-wheeler is involved. So, if you suffer injuries in a car wreck, you will need San Benito personal injury lawyers.

At Javier Villarreal Law Firm, although we are San Benito personal injury lawyers, we are not small-town lawyers. We are “big city” lawyers based right here in Brownsville, just 20 minutes’ drive away, and we spend all our lives taking on the insurance companies who don’t want to pay out a cent more in compensation than they have to – and preferably nothing at all!

Unfortunately, when it comes to insurance companies, you cannot believe everything that they say in their advertising. In fact, if you could believe it, we would be out of business, but as it happens, we are very busy indeed!

It’s Math

It’s a matter of simple math. The more an insurance company has to pay out, the less profit it makes, and the opposite is also true: the less it pays out, the more profit it makes!

This is why, if you suffer from injuries in a car or truck wreck in San Benito that was not your fault, the insurance company for the driver who was to blame will fight you tooth and nail in order to reduce the amount of compensation that they have to pay you. Furthermore, you can’t fight them on your own. This is because they employ very expensive lawyers who have only one job to do, and that is to see to it that you are paid as little as possible. Try to take those big boys on, and they will take you to the proverbial cleaners.

This is why you need us as San Benito personal injury lawyers to take up the cudgels on your behalf. We are not afraid of them, and we will get stuck in so that we get you the maximum amount of compensation that the law says you are entitled to – not the paltry sum that the insurance company would like to pay.

Not only that, but we work on a contingency basis. That means that you don’t pay us a cent until we have won your case, and then you only pay us a figure which we agree between us before we start. So, you simply cannot lose!

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