South Texas Car Wrecks and the Need for a Car Wreck Lawyer

South Texas and its’ cities such as Harlingen and Brownsville are “car country”. Hardly anyone uses public transit, and there is no subway like you have in New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.

Car accident or auto accident lawyer in Brownsville or Harlingen.So that means there are a lot of cars out there on the South Texas roads, and it follows that there are a lot of car wrecks too. That means that you need South Texas car accident attorneys to advocate for your interests, after a car wreck whether it’s in Harlingen, Brownsville or elsewhere in Cameron County.

Every car accident is going to involve an insurance company, and insurance companies have one aim: that is to pay out as little as they possibly can. Quite obviously, they are in business for a profit, and that is fair enough, but there are two ways they can achieve this. The first is by selling more and more policies which gives them greater income. However, they can also make more profit by paying out less. The more profit they make, the more the CEO’s and directors can pay themselves in big fat bonuses at the end of the year, so it is in their interests to keep payments to a minimum.

Directly Opposed: You and the Insurance Company

Unfortunately, if you have been in a car wreck, which was not your fault and you need to appoint a South Texas car wreck attorney, your interests and those of the insurance company are directly opposed. This is the reason why you need an attorney on your side, because the insurance companies are going to have expensive lawyers on their side to help keep those payouts down. If you try and argue the case on your own, those lawyers will chew you up and spit you out in little bits! It’s what they are being paid to do.

Fortunately, in South Texas you have Villarreal Law Firm in Brownsville who have been fighting the insurance company lawyers for years – and winning! We know all the tricks that they will use and we know what to do to stop them. We have recovered millions for our South Texas clients, and we will continue to do so. We don’t give up.

What is more, many of the insurance company lawyers know that we won’t give up, and when a client appoints us to look after his or her interests the insurance company lawyers these days will often advise their client company that they are actually likely to lose if they go to court, and that they are better off financially by paying out the due amount than fighting the case. We can’t guarantee results, of course, as all cases are unique. We can guarantee that we will do our darndest to be the best car wreck lawyers in Harlingen for your particular case.

Now that is the sort of result we like to see. Our client gets maximum compensation and doesn’t need to go to court to get it.

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