There Are A Lot Of Truck Accidents In South Texas And Cameron County, and Hence Attorney Calls

It is a fact that there are a lot of truck and 18 wheeler accidents in South Texas and Cameron County for the simple reason that we’re a transit hub between the US and Mexico.

There are some really bad automobile drivers in the Rio Grande Valley.There are a lot of heavy goods going one way or the other and the most cost-effective way to transfer them is on big trucks. Despite all the rules and regulations, the fact is that the drivers of these vehicles can get tired, and, of course, some of them will try to break the rules in order to get to their destination that much quicker.

Whatever the reason, there are lots of San Benito truck and 18 wheeler accidents and they can be anything from minor to causing fatalities. If you are unfortunate enough to get involved in any such accident you will need the services of a specialist truck accident attorney such as those found at Villarreal Law Firm. Over the past years we have reclaimed millions of dollars for clients who have suffered as a result of San Benito truck and 18 wheeler accidents that they would very likely never have recovered had we not been acting for them.

The very existence of our law firm is based around reclaiming compensation for clients who have been involved in accidents which are not of their own making. Some attorneys specialize in divorce, some in crime, others in employment law. At Villarreal Law Firm we specialize in accidents: it’s what we do all day and every day and have been doing for many years.

You Are Up Against Specialists and You Need A Trucking Accident Attorney Who Specializes

When you are involved with any sort of accident you are immediately going to come up against specialist lawyers who are employed by insurance companies for one purpose and one purpose only. Their job is to keep the amount that the insurance companies have to pay out to the absolute minimum. They charge the insurance companies huge fees which the insurers are happy to pay because the less they pay out the more profit they make. When you think about it logically it makes sense. They are not there to help you – they are there to fight you.

These people couldn’t care less about the injuries you might have received from San Benito truck and 18 wheeler accidents – they are only interested in what goes into THEIR pockets, not yours.

This is why you need a trucking accident lawyer to fight your corner. We are big enough, and if we say so, ugly enough to stand up and take these people on head to head. And most of the time, we’re happy to say, we win!

We win. You win. They lose. Now that’s what we call a result! If you have been a victim of a trucking or 18 wheeler accident in Cameron County, call our attorneys immediately!

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