There Are Lot of Trucking Accidents in Harlingen. It Is Famous for Them!

Unfortunately, Harlingen in Texas is famous for its’ trucking accidents. Actually, that should probably be infamous.

Harlingen suffers from many trucking accidents.

It is largely because of the airport – Valley International – which has trucks running in and out of it all day and every day, delivering goods to be shipped elsewhere and collecting goods that are arriving to be distributed around Cameron County.

This is the main reason that there are so many accidents in and around Harlingen compared with other parts of the RGV. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that those trucks are so heavy. A fully loaded 18-wheeler can weigh up to 40 tons. What that means is that, even at a relatively low speed, it can still do serious damage.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident which was not your fault, you need a Harlingen trucking accident lawyer to help you fight for the compensation that you are due. If you are lucky, it might just be that your car has been written off. If you are unlucky, you could be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Trucking accidents are that bad.

You Need A Trucking Accident Lawyer

Either way, you need a Harlingen trucking accident lawyer on your side in order to get the amount of compensation that the law says that you are due. If you are in a wheelchair, that could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the best Harlingen trucking accident lawyer is not in Harlingen, but in Brownsville. That’s us at Villarreal Law Firm, and we are only 25 miles down the road via the I-69E N.

Why are we the best lawyer to have on your side? It’s because our business is focussed entirely on accidents and helping people get the right amount of compensation from the insurance company concerned.

OK, if someone throws a brick at your car parked on your driveway or on the road and damages the windscreen, the insurance company isn’t going to argue because it’s only a few hundred dollars. But if it’s thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, that is a whole different ball game, and they are going to fight your claim. That is pretty much guaranteed.

It could be compared to a fight between cat and mouse. The mouse isn’t going to stand a chance. However, if the mouse has a Bernes Mountain Dog as its’ best friend on its’ side, things will be very different.

When it comes to fighting insurance companies for compensation, we are like your Bernese Mountain Dog. Your insurance company doesn’t scare us, and we know how to fight it using every last part of the law in order to obtain full payment for you.

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