Trucks are Very Heavy Things, and if you get into a Truck Wreck it’s Serious

Trucks can cause big wrecks – wrecks that cause substantial damage to persons and property.

A specialist attorney is needed in an 18-wheeler accident case in Brownsville Texas or HarlingenEven more important, trucking companies have high-powered lawyers to “defeat the little people” after a wreck. If you’ve been in a trucking wreck, you need a law firm that does trucking accidents and has an attorney who understands trucking law. If you are looking for a South Texas trucking accident law firm which does exactly that, then Villarreal Law Firm is what you need.

It’s no big secret that insurance companies don’t like to pay out, despite what they claim in their advertising. If you think about it, that makes total sense because it’s a very simple equation: the more policies they sell and the less they pay out on those policies, the more profit they make at the end of the year. In fact, they are about the only business that can get paid first and pay out later.

Most businesses buy goods in for which they have to pay, and then sell them on at a higher price. An insurance company sells you a policy, which is really nothing but a promise – think about that – and then tries to argue later on about how much it should pay out for the privilege of you giving it your money in the first place. If you think about that one too, it’s not a bad business to be in! You get paid first, then try to pay out as little initial cost as you can. And if no claim is made you get to keep 100% of the policy premium.

A Small Fortune Paid To Lawyers

This is why insurance companies pay a small fortune to lawyers for the sole purpose of keeping the amount they have to pay out to the minimum. As long as they pay the lawyers less than they would otherwise have had to pay out, they are laughing all the way to the bank.

That’s why you need a South Texas trucking accident law firm that knows just as much about the law as the insurance company lawyers do, to stand up and fight on YOUR side. Heck, you’ve been hit by a truck, injured, it’s not your fault, and now they don’t want to pay you any compensation! That’s just not fair.

That’s why you need us at Villarreal Law Firm. We are a South Texas trucking accident law firm that knows just as much about trucking law as the insurance company lawyers, and nothing gives us more pleasure than to step into the ring with them and give them a dose of their own medicine.

So if you have been in a trucking accident and want someone who will fight your corner, give us a call. We provide a free consult for all trucking accident victims.

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