You May Be Able to Claim for More Than Damage to Your Car in an Accident

If your car has been in a significant wreck in Cameron or Hidalgo Counties, it may have to pay a visit to a body shop. There are quite a few body shops in Brownsville, for example, the TipoTex Chevrolet Body Shop. But here’s the trick: if the wreck was not your fault, you may well be able to claim for more than just the cost of repairs to your car.

Car Accident

Have you been injured? Unfortunately, body shops in Brownsville are unable to fix that. It may take you a long time to recover. You could be off work for months. In the worst sort of case, you may never be able to work again. Either way, you will be due for compensation for your injuries as well as the damage to your car, and this has to be paid for by the insurance company of the other driver. And it can run into huge sums, depending upon the state of your injuries.

The problem is that insurance companies do not like paying out. In fact, despite what they say in their advertising, they hate paying out! It is actually very logical because the more they pay out the less profit they make. Paying claims has a direct effect on their end-of-year profits.

They Hire Expensive Lawyers

It follows that they will do everything that they can to reduce any claim that you may have, to as little as possible. They go to the extent of hiring very expensive lawyers for the sole purpose of reducing your claim to the minimum. That’s right: pay you as little as possible – and with their fingers crossed – nothing at all!

So, whether you like it or not, you are now in a fight, and none of the body shops in Brownsville Texas can help you with that. But at JV Law Firm we can help you because it is our specialty. In fact, we do nothing else other than fight insurance companies and their lawyers on behalf of our clients who are due for compensation for their injuries – and it keeps us pretty busy!

Yes, we are fully qualified personal injury lawyers, meaning we focus exclusively on injury-related cases in and around Brownsville Texas.

If you want to get the compensation that you deserve for the injuries that you have suffered, then you need our law firm. It is what we do. The good news is that it won’t cost you a single cent until we win your case. Only then will you pay us an agreed fee out of your winnings, so you cannot lose.  

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