It Is Easy to Find an Auto Body Shop but Getting Insurance to Pay Is Hard

When you own a vehicle of any description, you have to take out insurance. In most cases, it makes sense to have fully comprehensive insurance which will cover you for any damage suffered by your car, whoever was responsible for the accident that caused it. So, if a car accident is your fault, you are […]

You May Be Able to Claim for More Than Damage to Your Car in an Accident

If your car has been in a significant wreck in Cameron or Hidalgo Counties, it may have to pay a visit to a body shop. There are quite a few body shops in Brownsville, for example, the TipoTex Chevrolet Body Shop. But here’s the trick: if the wreck was not your fault, you may well […]

Insurance Companies Hate to Pay Compensation for Accident Injuries

Texas is a fault state when it comes to car accidents; insurance is required to drive the roads in Texas. Someone is responsible and that person (or his/her insurance) must pay for the damage. But just because someone is at fault doesn’t mean that he/she or his/her insurance will pay! In fact, they will do […]

Brownsville, Texas, Is Great! Here Are Seven Reasons We Love It

Brownsville, Texas, is a really wonderful city in which to live. It lies on the border of South Texas next to Matamoros, Mexico, and it has a population of 183,000. The people are friendly and welcoming, and there are lots of things to do and see in the city. Here are seven reasons why we […]

Insurance Companies Hate to Pay Out, Despite the Way They Advertise

What is an accident? It is an unforeseen event. Not planned, but not necessarily truly unexpected. We all know when we get into a car that we might have an accident. That is why Texas law requires us to have automobile insurance. It means that if the accident is our fault, our insurance company will […]

South Padre Island Is Popular for a Vacation, but an Accident Can Ruin It

Lots of people like to go to South Padre Island for a vacation, and that is not a surprise. However, there is something that can ruin such a vacation, and that is quite simply, an accident. It is an unfortunate fact of life that accidents can happen anywhere at any time, and South Padre Island […]

There Are a Lot of Trucking Accidents in Texas

There are a lot of trucking accident attorneys in a huge state like Texas. Geographically, we are the second-biggest state, and by population, the second as well. We have more than our share of truck wrecks here in the Rio Grande Valley. Indeed, we actually have more trucking accidents in Texas overall than any other […]

If Spanish Is Your First Language, at Villarreal Law Firm, Hablamos Español

Here’s a strange irony in Brownsville and the RGV: most of the population is of Mexican descent and yet many personal injury lawyers do not advertise whether, or not, they speak Spanish. Well at Villarreal Law Firm we are proud to shout it out loud: hablamos español. Todo nuestro equipo. We are happy to fight […]