Millions Recovered for South Texas Residents

The Javier Villarreal Law Firm works hard to be considered one of the best personal injury law firms in Brownsville and throughout Cameron County. From Harlingen to San Benito to South Padre Island and beyond, we’re proud of the many verdicts achieved.


$12 million recovered in injury trucking accident.

$250,000 recovered in slip and fall lawsuit.

$1.1 million recovered in car wreck.

$75,000 recovered in injury motorcycle accident.

$350,000 recovered in jury trial for personal injury.

$1.5 million recovered in car accident.

$3 million motorcyclist killed by van.

$423,765 cops shoot a civilian.

$280,000 18-wheeler fails to control speed.

$250,000 speeding commercial vehicle causes accident.

$1.5 million warner truck kills pedestrian.

$420,000 18-wheeler hits passenger van.

$275,000 18-wheeler turns when unsafe.

$250,000 18-wheeler fails to stop.

$1,281,910.62 defective asphalt paver injures man.

$395,000 dump truck runs a red light.

$275,000 lawn tractor rear ended by 18-wheeler.

$249,150 commercial vehicle driver drives wrong way.

$1 million bus rollover kills passenger.

$375,000 18-wheeler passes vehicle in unsafe manner.

$260,000 commercial van fails to yield right-of-way.

$248,760 commercial vehicle driver is careless.

$1 million commercial vehicle kills man.

$355,000 dump truck runs a red light.

$255,000 company truck disregards stop sign.

$245,000 18-wheeler makes u-turn on foggy day.

$1 million company vehicle kills woman.

$350,000 rear axle falls off 18-wheeler hits car.

$255,000 commercial vehicle fails to control speed.

$237,500 18-wheeler rear-ends 18-wheeler.

$600,000 18-wheeler fails to control speed in construction zone.

$350,000 company vehicle rear-ends pick-up truck.

$250,000 commercial vehicle changes lane when unsafe.

$237,500 commercial vehicle fails to brake on time.

$573,687.38 18-wheeler runs red light and hits car.

$325,000 rental truck rear-ends vehicle.

$250,000 18-wheeler driver causes accident while lighting cigarette.

$236,002 commercial truck rear-ends exiting freeway.

$500,000 18-wheeler broadsides car.

$300,000 18-wheeler fails to control speed.

$250,000 18-wheeler runs red light and hits car.

$235,000 dump truck rear-ends taxi.

$462,500 dump truck changed lanes when unsafe.

$350,000 tractor trailer disregards lane markers.

$250,000 18-wheeler veers into vehicle.

$230,000 distracted driver causes multiple car collision.

$456,000 18-wheeler hits 18-wheeler.

$300,000 car rear-ended by 18-wheeler.

$250,000 18-wheeler fails to yield of right-of-way while turning.

$225,000 18-wheeler disregards traffic light.

$450,000 18-wheeler driver falls asleep at the wheel.

$300,000 car rear-ends coming out of parking lot.

$250,000 18-wheeler runs red light.

$225,000 fuel tanker rear-ends vehicle.

$425,000 DWI driver causes accident.

$296,250 motor vehicle accident.

$250,000 18-wheeler loses control.

$225,000 18-wheeler invades lane of travel.

$423,750 18-wheeler fails to yield right-of-way.

$290,000 18-wheeler fails to control speed.

$250,000 18-wheeler hits car while merging on road.

$225,000 commercial vehicle fails to control speed.

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