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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are subject to accident risk. If you’re looking for a pedestrian accident lawyer, contact us
In the United States an average of 1,000 innocent pedestrians are injured every day by negligent drivers of motor vehicles. Many Texas residents, including those in Brownsville or Harlingen, suffer broken bones, paralysis, brain injuries, coma and death. Negligent and unsafe drivers must be responsible for injuries that are inflicted on others. Here in Cameron County and its bigger cities such as Brownsville, Harlingen, or Los Fresnos, we receive many inquiries from pedestrians as we are considered one of the best pedestrian accident attorneys in Brownsville, and throughout the county. Our accident attorneys can help you sue for damages, up to and including the insurance company of a motor vehicle, truck or anything else that cause the accident.
Below are some findings regarding 2004 pedestrian accidents:

Unfortunately, children account for most pedestrians injured by a motor vehicle. In fact, children under the age of four account for nearly 40 percent of pedestrian-injury related deaths. If you have children, now is the time to discuss pedestrian safety. Teach children to cross at a crosswalk or corner whenever possible and to look both ways and continue looking when they cross. Make sure your child wears reflective clothing or carries a flashlight when walking at night, especially on Halloween, a day that notoriously has more pedestrian accidents than any other day of the year.

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The accident attorneys at the Villarreal Law Firm are seasoned experts in pedestrian injury law. Our Brownsville law firm office is convenient to not just Brownsville but also Harlingen, Los Fresnos, or even South Padre Island. If it’s not convenient for you, just phone us or send a message via the website.

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    If you are a pedestrian who has been injured in an accident contact your Texas pedestrian accident injury lawyer immediately. Do not sign anything until you have met with a personal injury attorney who understands accidents. Do not discuss the accident with anyone until you have met with your lawyer and doctor. Be sure to collect important contact information from all bystanders at the accident. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries from a pedestrian accident, call us today at (956) 300-0000 for a free consultation and evaluation of your potential claim.