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Have you been injured? Reach out to a personal injury attorney for a free consultation

We work hard to be the best Brownsville personal injury attorneys one client at a time. Personal injury lawyers here in Brownsville and Cameron County have seen the devastation caused by injury accidents due to the negligence or reckless behavior of another person or entity. An experienced personal injury attorney here in the Brownsville, Texas, area can assist you in evaluating your claim and getting the compensation you need and deserve.

If you’ve suffered an accident in Brownsville, Harlingen or other cities in Cameron County, and believe you may have standing to litigate, don’t delay. Reach out immediately for a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our top personal injury attorneys. Our attorneys are known as among the best personal injury lawyers not only in Brownsville, Harlingen, and San Benito (the three biggest cities in Cameron County, Texas) but also throughout the region. We’ve helped citizens in Los Fresnos, South Padre Island and even Olmito, Rancho Viejo, and Los Indios to litigate a personal injury lawsuit such as a car or truck accident, a motorcycle or boating accident, or any of a number of accident or injury issues to get their just compensation.

Facts about Texas Personal Injury Litigation and Accidents

An accident resulting in a personal injury is never a planned event. It comes suddenly, without warning and can be devastating. In one short moment in time, your life may be changed forever. The National Safety Council has reported that between 2001 and 2005, over 24,000,000 Americans suffered disabling or debilitating personal injuries. Personal injury can mean loss of wages, mounting medical bills, reduced earning capacity, permanent pain and suffering, loss of consortium and more. A Texas personal injury attorney can assure that you get the full compensation you deserve at a time when you need it the most.

Auto accidents and large truck accidents are two common causes of personal injury that may be due to the negligence of another. Not surprisingly, people often search for auto accident attorneys in Brownsville or even something as arcane as an 18 wheeler accident lawyer in San Benito, and end up at our law firm. Our team of attorneys is standing by to help – starting with an initial case evaluation. All are licensed to practice law in Texas and many are known in Cameron County as fierce attorneys for their clients’ legal rights.

Questions and Answers on Personal Injury

We get a lot of questions about personal injury. Without providing legal advice, we can provide some basic insights into questions and answers on personal injury. The most important question and answer is, if you’ve been injured, reach out for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Brownsville.

Q. How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

A. If you’ve suffered from an accident in the Brownsville, Texas region, you may have a personal injury case. People ask about personal injury vs. bodily injury or personal injury vs. property damage. These are all cases worth seeking legal support for. It’s best to contact a personal injury lawyer first to help evaluate your situation and assess how to proceed. If, you’ve had to take a leave of absence from work due to pain, or seeing a doctor for medical support, it’s essential to move quickly. Financial losses and medical bills can pile up and create unnecessary stress. We work with insurance companies on your injury claim to help get swift and fair compensation.

Q. What do personal injury lawyers do?

A. Our South Texas professional personal injury attorneys are skilled at handling all the moving parts of a claim. We contact the insurance companies or responsible parties, take the court filings and gather the evidence for the case. You could be occupied with emotional stress, PTSD, or anxiety from an accident or wrongful death. It’s our job to manage the personal injury case and fight while you focus on your family.

Q. What are the common types of personal injury claims in South Texas?

A. A personal injury claim is possible any time you’re injured and need compensation for pain and suffering. Some of the most common personal injury claims are the following: slip and fall, dog bites, product liability, car accidents, medical malpractice, assault, wrongful death, construction injuries, and workplace accidents. In 2020, the number of fatal occupational injuries in Texas were 469:
Texas is under OSHA jurisdiction, which means private companies must observe the federal rules and regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. To review the OSHA page for Workers Rights, go to: Our personal injury lawyers understand the differences between various claims and the best path to success.

Q. I was in an accident a few months back. Can I still file a claim?

A. We recommend you speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. It’s important to get an insurance claim settled quickly to cover medical bills and lost income. Sometimes, people wait because they either think they don’t have a claim or don’t need it. In the State of Texas, the statute of limitations on a personal injury claim is two years from the date of the accident. People have asked us whether they can reopen a case and our answer is; normally, no. It’s still important to check with personal injury attorneys first. Sometimes unique circumstances can allow you to seek additional compensation.

Our Lawyers Protect Your Rights

After sustaining a personal injury of any kind, you will be overwhelmed. You may be facing loss of wages, medical bills and the complete inability to provide for yourself and your family. Let our lawyers be your advocate so you can focus on healing and moving forward with your life. It is your job to get better. It is our job to evaluate your claim, determine negligence, assess damages and determine your present as well as future needs. It is our job to get you the compensation you deserve. We love what we do. We will work for you tirelessly to hold the liable party or parties accountable for their negligence.

Call our personal injury attorneys right away at (956) 300-0000. Time is of the essence. We will begin with your free consultation and evaluation of your claim. With a convenient office in Brownsville, we can meet face-to-face. Or if you are in nearby cities such as Harlingen, San Benito, or even South Padre Island, Texas, we can meet over the phone for an initial case evaluation. Call now.

Resources on Personal Injury

Here are some useful resources for Texans who may have suffered a personal injury. First, there is the Texas Health and Human Service, Office of Injury Prevention. Second, there is the Texas Department of Insurance, Workplace Safety, and third, there is the Workplace Safety Tips from Texas Watch.


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