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If you’re looking for a McAllen accident attorney, you might find that the best personal injury lawyer in McAllen works out of nearby Brownsville! Abogados en McAllen que hablan Español; un equipo legal que puede hablarle en el idioma que le resulte más cómodo, un equipo que tiene en mente sus mejores intereses.

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    Have you been in an accident in or near McAllen Texas? If so, you may be able to recover a substantial settlement. It depends on the accident, injuries, insurance, fault, and other factors. Whether the vehicle was a car, truck or even a pedestrian accident in Hidalgo county, please contact our office immediately. 

    If you’ve suffered an accident and believe you may have standing to litigate, don’t delay. Whether you live in McAllen, or the accident happened in McAllen, reach out immediately for a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our top truck and car accident attorneys servicing McAllen, Texas.


    The city is a part of the McAllen-Edinburg-Missions economy with a healthy balance of manufacturing, health services, transportation, and retail. McAllen is known explicitly for its growth in the aerospace industry, with importance of nearby SpaceX.
    McAllen is ranked one of the top 10 safest cities in the United States.

    Yet, it is part of the business route: I69C, U.S. Route 281, and Interstate Highway 2. This is the main artery for trucking and transportation. Cars are vulnerable to accidents with 18-wheelers and other types of big rigs on the McAllen roadways. McAllen was listed as #3 in the top five Rio Grande cities with the most car accidents in July 2021. Thus, if you have been in an injury accident in or around McAllen, please contact our attorneys at once.


    According to, McAllen had 8 fatal crashes in 2021 (the latest year of available data). This led to ten total fatalities. There were 34 suspected serious crashes, 42 suspected serious injuries, and 409 suspected minor crashes. What’s quite alarmging is that there were 1889 injury crashes in the County / city area with 4,163 total crashes. You can read more at


    Q. How can I find the report for my car accident in McAllen, Texas?

    A. Typically, a car accident lawyer can help secure a crash report when managing a case. Whether it’s a tractor-trailer accident or a car accident with a semi-truck, a top McAllen lawyer can help acquire the accident report for a personal injury case.
    For those interested in where to find a report, here are two sources:

    1. McAllen PD Accident Reports
    2. Texas Department of Transportation crash reports.

    Q. What types of auto crash cases does a McAllen personal injury lawyer accept?

    A. There are many car accident cases for which someone will call a personal injury attorney. They may seek:

    • A Hidalgo County truck injury lawyer (The county was responsible for 64.9% of all RGV car accidents from January to June 2021)
    • A motorcycle accident attorney
    • A McAllen car accident lawyer (the city was ranked #3 in June 2021 report for the top five RGV cities with the most car accidents)
    • A Rio Grande Valley trucking accident attorney
    • Pedestrian vs. car personal injury attorney

    Q. Can I call a personal injury lawyer for a workplace accident?
    It depends. Our law firm does not handle all types of workplace accidents, but we are happy to conduct a preliminary review for free. In fact, the second most common type of personal injury case involves work-related accidents or occupational injuries. These accidents may require a slip and fall injury attorney or a construction accident lawyer. Workplace safety awareness is essential for every McAllen, Texas, employee. To review more workplace safety and OSHA tools, visit the Texas Department of Insurance Page; McAllen residents who speak Spanish can visit the TDI “Seguridad en el area de trabajo” page.

    Q. Do your attorneys speak Spanish?

    A. Javier Villarreal’s law attorneys are bi-lingual and can support both English and Spanish-speaking individuals.

    Q. What is a wrongful death case, and what is the law in Texas?

    A. If a family member has died due to another person’s negligence, the victim’s family can retain a wrongful death lawyer and sue for damages. Some leading causes of wrongful death suits include auto accidents, criminal acts, medical malpractice, and defective products. To view the details of wrongful death compensation in Texas, visit the NOLO page on Texas wrongful death. Legal experts in Hidalgo County’s wrongful death cases may be known criminal death attorneys. There is a time limit to filing for wrongful death compensation in Texas, known as the “statute of limitations.” Reach out to our expert legal team asap to get the process started! Speaking to the best McAllen personal injury attorney about a case is free!


    The city of McAllen, Texas, is situated at the southernmost tip of the Rio Grande Valley. It is a bustling urban space with a population of approximately 143,920 (as of 2021). It is home to the National Butterfly Center and The International Museum of Art and Science. McAllen is a central flyway zone for migratory birds near the Gulf of Mexico. This makes it a popular area for the birdwatching community, who travel to view over 500 bird species.

    The weather in the Hidalgo County area is subtropical, with hot, humid summers and short winters. Although it is close to the Gulf of Mexico and prone to hurricanes, the risk is considered mild. The city manages post-hurricane preparedness for the community. To view the current weathers systems in the Gulf of Mexico, visit the NOAA page.

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    Personal injury law, of course, is the area of the law that covers what most people think of they want to sue another party (often a corporation or an insurance company) for damages. Here are some of the areas that we can help you if you a McAllen resident or even if you are “just visiting” but your car, truck, or other type of vehicular accident occurred in Hidalgo County.

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      Whatever the type of injury, you’ll need to consult a personal injury lawyer to see if you have a case. We offer a FREE case evaluation so there’s no cost or risk to you to investigate if you have a potential lawsuit. Contact us at once.

      A Factoid About McAllen, Texas

      McAllen adopted a home rule charter in 1927. Canning factories, a winery, tortilla plants, wood-working plants, and some oil exploration increased the population to 9,074 by 1930. In 1936 Hiram Garner opened the Valley Distillery, Incorporated, which produced wines from citrus juices. The town was a petroleum and farm chemurgic center with a population of 11,877 in 1940, by which time it had adopted the nickname “The City of Palms”. In 1941, a suspension bridge replaced the old bridge from Hidalgo to Reynosa in Tamaulipas; the new toll bridge was purchased by McAllen and was named the McAllen–Hidalgo–Reynosa International Bridge. Its construction resulted in increased tourist trade, making McAllen a winter resort and port of entry to Mexico. The discovery of oil in the Reynosa area in 1947 resulted in a large migration of people from the Mexican interior, constituting a new tourist market and cheap labor supply for McAllen. The sister cities were linked as a result of the increased traffic between them. The population of McAllen was 20,005 in 1950 and 32,728 in 1960. By the 1950’s and 60’s, McAllen had grown into an important hub for international trade with Mexico, a retail shoppers’ mecca, and a highly desirable destination for snowbirds, or, as they are affectionately called locally, “Winter Texans.” The McAllen–Hidalgo–Reynosa International Bridge was the number-two port of entry into Mexico in 1954. Source: as well as the McAllen Police Department.

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