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Auto Accidents

A car wreck can cause injuries to person or property. An auto accident attorney asserts your rights

Our goal is to be the best Brownsville car accident lawyer one client at a time. Automobile accidents happen a lot, however, in Brownsville and Cameron County. Here are the facts. If you’re a victim, what should you do? Should you trust the good-faith of the insurance companies? Or should you reach out to a one of the best Brownsville car accident attorneys for a free consultation? You have rights, and you need a lawyer to defend them against the car wreck lawyers of the insurance industry.

Contact a Brownsville Auto Accident Attorney

If you have been injured, your best first step is to contact a car accident attorney for a free consultation. Call us at (956) 300-0000 at once. Our attorneys work out of our Brownsville, Texas, office, but serve clients looking for car accident attorneys in Harlingen, San Benito, South Padre Island and other communities in Cameron County and the Rio Grande Valley. Insurance companies have powerful attorneys, and you need an accident attorney who will fight for you, too.

Face facts. Insurance companies do not want to pay you what you deserve. They want to intimidate you and minimize payouts. You need an attorney who will fight for you. A lawyer who knows the law and the games insurance companies play. For you as an average consumer, it can be tedious and stressful to understand what insurance is responsible for your damages and injuries and what damages you are entitled to receiving. 

The car accident attorneys at the Villarreal Law Firm know the answers to these personal injury questions, and we’re here to help you decipher the mess. The insurance company will have aggressive legal representation, and you need an auto accident lawyer who will fight for your side. Whether you live in Brownsville or Harlingen, South Padre Island or Olmito… or whether the wreck occurred anywhere in Cameron County, or even in one of the smaller towns like Rancho Viejo or Olmito, Texas, your FIRST STEP is to reach out to an attorney for a consultation.

A Free Attorney Consultation on Your Auto / Car Accident

There’s no risk to you to meeting with a lawyer to discuss the facts of the accident, and what your options are. Talking with insurance adjusters who are paid to low ball or undervalue your claim can be frustrating. Insurance corporations hire teams of accident lawyers to defend, delay and ultimately underpay claims. It is only fair that you level the playing field by hiring experienced lawyers in automobile, car, and even Texas trucking litigation who are trained to deal with the insurance companies and their team of professionals.

If you or someone you know was recently in a car accident in the Brownsville, Texas, area you probably have questions piling up. Choose one of the top car accident law firms in Brownsville, Texas, one that knows how to handle personal injury car accident cases, and come into the Villarreal Law Firm to go through a free consultation.

What will we cover when you walk through our doors?

What are the benefits of finding one of the bestcar accident attorneys in Brownsville?

Thousands of car accidents happen every day, and quite a few here in Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley, and although you may have a small amount of knowledge regarding insurance claims and car accident law, our team of car accident lawyers encourage you to seek legal help. Personal injury law is complex and requires a team of professionals who works on it every day. You need one of the best auto accident attorneys not just in Brownsville or Harlingen, but throughout Cameron County and South Texas. If you miss something while handling the case yourself, you risk losing money and not being able to pay for your damages. There’s also a chance that you have to battle large teams of adjusters and lawyers put together by insurance companies. The Villarreal Law Firm has the experience and knowledge required to level the playing field.

Questions and Answers on Car Accidents

Q. I’ve been in a car crash in Brownsville; what should I do?
A. Preserve evidence from the scene, as in taking photographs not just of your vehicle but of the other vehicle(s). Get the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of witnesses. Make sure to take a photo of the other driver’s insurance car and Texas license, etc. Next, there are critical reasons why to call a car accident attorney. Number one, we know exactly what to do next. It could make the difference whether you receive fair compensation for injuries or are burdened with a lifetime of physical and financial hardships from a car crash. Our consultations are free, so there is no reason not to call.

Q. How do car accident claims and settlements work?
A. This process is not simple. An insurance company may imply it’s simple, but that’s because they simply may not want to pay you enough for the damages! Handling the claims process after a car crash alone can lead to hours of stress and confusion. In the end, you may probably end up with more medical bills and car repair invoices than the insurance company rewarded you. The best car accident lawyer in Brownsvillle will be the one who can help achieve results quickly. Our attorneys know how to deal with insurance adjustors, fight them in court, and get the compensation you deserve.

Q. What happens if the person who hit me doesn’t have insurance?
A. Car accidents can be complicated. Don’t assume you can’t do anything if an uninsured driver hits you. Contact us first, and our team can help evaluate the entire accident from a professional, legal perspective. To learn more facts and statistics about uninsured motorists, go to the Insurance Information Institute page at;

Q. What are the most common reasons for a car accident in Texas?
A. Driver error is one of the most fundamental reasons for a car crash. It includes speeding, drunk driving, driver fatigue, or distracted driving. If a distracted driver hits you, contact our attorneys to help review the full details. In 2019 the GHSA reported 3,142 people died in distraction-related crashes. It’s up 10% from the previous year. To see more statistics around distracted driving, including what states enforce the hand-held ban, go to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association page:

Q. What injuries can occur from a car crash?
A. Whiplash is the most common injury from a car accident. It occurs when the head is jerked back on the neck due to an impact. It’s also referred to as a soft tissue injury. Head injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries or TBI, are unfortunately also common. If you have a headache after a car accident, seek help immediately. An expert car accident attorney can help those suffering from a head injury receive compensation to help cover the cost of medical needs for a lifetime.

Q. How much do insurance rates go up after a car accident?
A. According to Nerdwallet, auto insurance rates for Brownsville, Texas, can increase up to 75% after a car accident. Don’t allow yourself to pay the price, especially when you weren’t at fault. Many insurance companies offer accident forgiveness or safe-driving training to lower rates. A car accident attorney could help gather the evidence to help prove no-fault.

Q. What are the most common types of car accidents?
A. Common car accidents in the Brownsville, Texas, and South Texas region can include; Rear-end accidents, side-swipes, and T-bone auto crash. Speeding and distracted driving can play a large part in most accidents (as we discussed above). Other types of car-to-car accidents include; cross-traffic accidents clipping other cars while merging, low-speed accidents, single-vehicle crashes, and backing collisions. Wrecks such as passenger car vs. motorcycle or trucks vs. car can change the type of injuries and damages.

A Car Accident Lawyer in Brownsville Will Get You What You Deserve

Car accidents often lead to serious injuries or death. Car accident attorneys work to ensure you receive the proper compensation for these damages while you cope with the grieving process. You might need medical attention or even psychological help after a car accident. Leave it to a personal injury attorney to get compensation to pay for these services.

Call the Villarreal Law Firm to receive the attention you deserve for your car accident. Don’t wait for the insurance companies to contact you or a company to take away your rights by putting together a strong legal team. We help you get your life in order and give you the confidence to get back on the road. Give the Villarreal Law Firm a call at (956) 300-0000 for your free consultation. Speak with one of our friendly legal professionals and get the money you deserve for your car accident! Alternate number is: 956-300-0000.

Resources on Car Accidents in and around Cameron County

We’re proud citizens of Cameron County. Here are some resources on automobile accidents around our county and all of South Texas.  Here’s a timely article on the average cost of auto insurance in Texas, with some discussion as to whether or not your rates may go up after an accident.  And, here, from the Texas Department of Transportation on automobile crashes in Texas.

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