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Abogado de Accidentes

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Construction Accidents

Construction is a big industry. If you need a construction accident lawyer, give us a call

Have you been injured working at a work site? All building sites expose workers to hazardous situations and it is the duty of the employer to shield their employees from these potential liabilities. A construction accident lawyer at the Villareal Law Firm can help you seek the compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost income.

If you have suffered from a construction accident, reach out to our team of personal injury lawyers, who passionately work to defend the rights of victims. Whether you live in Brownsville, Texas, proper or nearby communities like Harlingen, Los Fresnos or even South Padre Island, reach out for a consultation. Indeed, we can even help those who are victims of offshore drilling accidents in the oil and gas industry either on land or off the coast.

Common Types of Construction Accidents:

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    The work environment vector poses more risks to employees than any other industry on land. It is imperative for workers to know their rights and seek legal compensation if they were injured. A personal injury lawyer at the Villarreal Law Firm can help you seek punitive damages and compensation for your injuries. Call us today at (956) 300-0000 to schedule your free consultation. Our law firm has a convenient office in Brownsville, Texas, but we can help you over the phone whether you live in Los Indios or Harlingen, Los Fresnos or San Benito or anywhere in Cameron County, Texas. Just call for a free case evaluation!