As the Best Accident Attorneys in Brownsville, We Work With One Client at a Time!

As top-rated injury attorneys in Brownsville, Texas, at Villarreal Law Firm we can undertake any type of legal work. So, if you are getting divorced, moving home, trying to get paid for work you have done but the customer hasn’t paid, or involved in a court case for theft, we could help you. We have the qualifications.

 The best accident attorneys in Brownsville.

However, we simply do not do any of that sort of work. We are specialists, and our area of expertise is accidents – especially car and trucking accidents. We focus on being the best attorney in Brownsville, Texas, for people who have been involved in accidents which were not their fault. 

As you might imagine, it keeps us pretty busy, because there are a lot of accidents, and not just in Brownsville but in Cameron County. For example, we have Valley International Airport in Harlingen where there are many trucks running back and forth delivering goods to be shipped and collecting incoming goods for the area.

The problem with road accidents in Brownsville Texas is that they can often result in serious injuries and are sometimes fatal. If you are driving your family saloon and you get hit by an 18-wheeler, you are going to know all about it. Those things are heavy. We are talking up to 80,000 lbs if fully loaded: that’s 40 tons! Being the best attorney in Brownsville, Texas, we are often involved in obtaining the maximum settlement for clients who have suffered injuries in this sort of accident.

Damages Can Run Into Hundreds Of Thousands

As we have often mentioned, the problem is that the damages can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, and these have to be paid by the insurance company for the driver at fault. Certainly, insurance companies have lots of money, so they can afford to pay out. The problem is that they don’t like parting with it! Every dollar that they pay out comes straight off their bottom line. Equally, every dollar that they don’t pay out is an extra dollar pure profit.

This is why they will fight every claim tooth and nail, and they employ expensive attorneys to help them. The sole job of those attorneys is to keep that amount they have to pay to the absolute minimum, and preferably nothing at all!

That is why, if you have been involved in an accident, you need to have us on your side. Being the best attorney in Brownsville, Texas, we know how to fight them back on their own terms. When you consider that over the last few years we have obtained more than $500,000,000 for our clients, you can see that we know what we are doing, and we will do the same for you – one accident at a time and one client at a time.

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