Brownsville, Texas, Is Great! Here Are Seven Reasons We Love It

Brownsville, Texas, is a really wonderful city in which to live. It lies on the border of South Texas next to Matamoros, Mexico, and it has a population of 183,000. The people are friendly and welcoming, and there are lots of things to do and see in the city. Here are seven reasons why we […]

Accidents Can Happen Anywhere at Any Time, and They Can Cause Injury

Accidents happen! And they can happen anywhere at any time, especially on the roads of South Texas. Indeed, anytime you drive a car or truck here in the Rio Grande Valley, you are risking both life and property. Sure, the risk may be small, but there is still a risk. That is why you pay […]

Si Español es su Primer Idioma, en Villarreal Law Firm, Hablamos Español

Aquí hay una extraña ironía en Brownsville y la RGV: la mayoría de la población es de ascendencia mexicana y, sin embargo, muchos abogados de lesiones personales no anuncian si hablan español o no. En Villarreal Law Firm estamos orgullosos de gritarlo en voz alta: hablamos español. Todo nuestro equipo habla español. Estamos felices de […]

Hay Muchos Accidentes de Camiones en Texas

Hay muchos abogados de accidentes de camiones en un estado tan grande como Texas. Geográficamente, somos el segundo estado más grande y por población el segundo también. Tenemos más de lo que nos corresponde en accidentes de camiones aquí en el Valle del Río Grande.   De hecho, tenemos más accidentes de camiones en Texas […]

If Spanish Is Your First Language, at Villarreal Law Firm, Hablamos Español

Here’s a strange irony in Brownsville and the RGV: most of the population is of Mexican descent and yet many personal injury lawyers do not advertise whether, or not, they speak Spanish. Well at Villarreal Law Firm we are proud to shout it out loud: hablamos español. Todo nuestro equipo. We are happy to fight […]

Accidents Are Not Predictable but Trying to Get Compensation for Them Is

Accidents happen. That is why they are called accidents because you cannot predict when or where one will take place. On the other hand, car and truck accidents are, in one sense, predictable. We know they are going to happen, but we just don’t know where or when. In fact, they are so predictable that […]

If You Are in a Car Wreck in Harlingen You Need a Lawyer

Harlingen is on the cross-roads of the Rio Grande Valley here in Texas. Not just the airport, but major highways. People often go “thru” Harlingen and sometimes (unfortunately) don’t get all the way through, because they have a car wreck on the way.