There Are Lot of Trucking Accidents in Harlingen. It Is Famous for Them!

Unfortunately, Harlingen in Texas is famous for its’ trucking accidents. Actually, that should probably be infamous. It is largely because of the airport – Valley International – which has trucks running in and out of it all day and every day, delivering goods to be shipped elsewhere and collecting goods that are arriving to be […]

Harlingen Accidents Can Happen on the Sidewalks as Well as the Roads

Harlingen has more than its share of all types of accidents: cars, trucks, and yes even pedestrians. As the days are short and the nights long, the darkness means that you can be injured as a pedestrian even if you are walking along the sidewalk minding your own business. The reason that Harlingen has more […]

You Can Suffer an Accident Anywhere – Even on Your Mountain Bike

Many Rio Grande Valley residents like to “mountain bike” on the weekends. We’re blessed to have some great natural trails in the Rio Grande Valley, and a culture that really loves outdoor sports. But mountain bikes can go fast – really fast – and unfortunately can be involved in car accidents, whether or not they […]

Harlingen Is Not a Huge City, but It Suffers Many Road Accidents

Harlingen is by no means the largest city in the Rio Grande Valley, having a population of a shade over 65,000. However, despite that, it gets well more than its’ fair share of road traffic accidents. As a Harlingen auto accident lawyer, we know the figures because we see them every day. It is largely […]