If You Are in a Car Wreck in Harlingen You Need a Lawyer

Harlingen is on the cross-roads of the Rio Grande Valley here in Texas. Not just the airport, but major highways. People often go “thru” Harlingen and sometimes (unfortunately) don’t get all the way through, because they have a car wreck on the way.

There Are More Than Average Trucking Accidents in Texas

Texas is a big state with wide, open spaces and lots of highways and byways. Sadly, we have more than our fair share of trucking accidents in Texas. We know that right here in South Texas, there are more than a few trucking accidents near and around Harlingen and Valley International Airport. There are also […]

We Love Pets. There Are No Bad Pets, but Plenty of Bad Pet Owners

The Center for Disease Control estimates that some 2% of Americans suffer dog bites in any given year, so they are not as uncommon as you might think. We love dogs. In fact we love pets of all kinds – cats, dogs, and other more exotic pets. Even tigers (when properly handled and dealt with […]

Accidents Are Unpredictable. However, Insurance Companies Are Very Predictable

An “accident” by its very nature is something unexpected. “Accidents happen” as they say here in the Rio Grande Valley. You can’t predict them. What you can predict is that if you are the victim of an accident here in Brownsville, the insurance companies will fight you tooth and nail. They don’t give up easily: […]