Roads in Brownsville Are Getting More and More Wreck-Prone

Car accidents in Brownsville, Texas are becoming more and more frequent. The traffic is increasing, and everyone seems to be in such a hurry all the time. If you drive on the roads here, you will know this only too well. And if you should unfortunately get involved in one, you will need the services […]

If You Are in a Car Wreck in Harlingen You Need a Lawyer

Harlingen is on the cross-roads of the Rio Grande Valley here in Texas. Not just the airport, but major highways. People often go “thru” Harlingen and sometimes (unfortunately) don’t get all the way through, because they have a car wreck on the way.

Been in a Texas Car Wreck? Call a Texas Car Wreck Lawyer!

McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville are the three population centers down here in the Rio Grande Valley. Unfortunately, all three have car and truck accidents, with Harlingen probably the worst because of the airport and the constant traffic to and from it.

The Beauty of South Padre Island May Obscure its Dangers

South Padre Island is a great spot for a vacation, especially in the Spring break and early Summer. As a result it gets full of people at these times and the knock-on effect of that is that there are more car wrecks at those times than the rest of the year, although, admittedly, the island […]

Getting Hit by a Truck in Brownsville Is a Serious Matter

Getting hit by a truck in Brownsville, or anywhere else in Cameron County Texas, is no laughing matter. Compared with another car, trucks are massive, and they can do a serious amount of damage. You can be lucky to survive a truck wreck, but if you do, you have certain rights. Trucks are often heavily […]