San Benito, Texas: Reasons Why We Love It

We love San Benito, Texas – we really do. We like a town that is small and quiet rather than a big city where everyone is rushing about all the time. We love Brownsville too, but there are times when it is just nice to be somewhere that the pace of life is so much easier.

Car wreck attorney in Los Fresno, Texas

We love the Resaca too that wanders through the town. After all, San Benito, Texas is known as Resaca City and with good reason. We like Kennedy Park, and Paloma Park, and sometimes we will stop off and have a swim in the San Benito swimming pool, and if we are feeling really energetic we’ll have a go on the Xtreme Jump Trampoline Park! As keen nature lovers, we also like the World Birding Center and Hugh Ramsey Nature Park at Harlingen which is almost next door to San Benito.

However, sad to relate, although San Benito, Texas is a small town it still gets its’ fair share of car wrecks. We know this because at Villarreal Law Firm we get many calls for help from San Benito residents who have been involved in accidents and need someone to deal with the insurance company of the other driver who was at fault. They’re looking for a car wreck lawyer in San Benito, and we can help.

When you have a car accident that was not your fault you need a law firm that has wide experience of dealing with these matters. It is unfortunate when you are in a mess through no fault of your own, but you need someone who can get you the compensation that you are rightly due. Even more unfortunately, if you try to deal with the matter by yourself you will almost certainly finish up with less than you should get, and you could finish up with nothing at all.

Simple Math: You, Insurance Companies, and Lawyers

This is because the insurance companies have an army of lawyers and loss adjusters working for them whose sole job is to keep the amount they have to pay out to the bare minimum – or better still, nothing at all. The simple math is that the less an insurance company pays out, the greater the amount of profit that it has at the end of the year. Even simpler math is that if an insurance company spends, say, a million dollars on loss adjusters and lawyers and saves $3 million, it has just made $2 million extra profit!

So yes, the insurance company you are dealing with will go to any lengths to keep payments to a minimum. This is why you need us, because we know how to tackle their lawyers for two reasons: first we know the law as well as they do, and second, we have been doing it for years and made millions for our clients.

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