Driving under the influence in Texas has taken on a new meaning. When the term “DUI” was used in the past, most people assumed it meant someone was drinking alcohol and got behind the wheel. (Some people use DWI as well) Their ability to drive correctly and react to others on the road was stunted, […]

Amazon Delivery Trucks: Everywhere and Some Might Cause Accidents

Amazon delivery trucks (and wrecks) might be nearly as common as coffee shops and stopping at a traffic light.  They are everywhere!  We must credit the company for disrupting and dominating the delivery service industry.  It has to do with how Amazon focuses on supportive, quick, and friendly customer service.  If you want something, they […]

Walking into the Danger Zone: Bigger Cars and Higher Pedestrian Risk

As cars get bigger, roads get wider, and speed limits in Texas are ignored more often, pedestrians trying to navigate this dangerous new world are put at a much higher risk of involvement in car crashes.  In 2022 alone, the Texas Department of Transportation recorded 8,098 crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists. (https://ftp.txdot.gov/pub/txdot-info/trf/crash_statistics/2022/07.pdf) 14% of all […]

A Comprehensive Team Approach to Personal Injury: From Intake to Recovery

When it comes to personal injury cases, navigating the complex legal landscape can be overwhelming for injury victims. That’s where our dedicated team at Javier Villarreal Law Firm comes in. We believe in a comprehensive team approach that encompasses intake specialists, medical care specialists, and skilled attorneys. In this blog post, we’ll highlight the strengths […]

Here in South Texas. It’s “family first.”

For South Texas, family is the first priority the majority of homes. It’s normal to see multi-generational households in the RGV, where each family member has an important role. Mom and Dad may work while aunts and uncles help pick up the kids from school. Grandma may be there to watch the little ones or […]

When You’ve Been Ghosted after an Injury Car Crash in Brownsville

What does it mean to be “ghosted”? Typically refers to someone who has stopped communicating with a friend or possible love interest.  It’s confusing to believe someone seemed to have good intentions, then they just disappeared without any explanation.  It can be hurtful, but we move on with life, right? On the other hand, if […]

The Importance of Documenting Facts After a Car-Truck Accident in Brownsville

Among the questions, we often get is this one. What should I do after a car accident with a truck? Diving into a topic that nobody really wants to think about, but it’s important to be prepared for when life throws you a curveball – a car-truck accident in Brownsville, Texas is highly probable due […]