18-Wheelers Can Cause Serious Injury, So You Need a Texas Truck Attorney

Harlingen is a busy city, and it is very close to Valley International Airport. That means that there are a lot of 18-wheelers carrying goods to and from the airport, and around the rest of the city as well, and this means that there are a lot of road accidents involving 18-wheelers. A specialist attorney is needed in an 18-wheeler accident case in Brownsville Texas or HarlingenThey are very big beasts, and if you get hit by one of those it can result in life-changing injuries.

For example, in a bad case you may never be able to work again. You could have lost a relative/partner in an 18-wheeler wreck. You might be lucky, and only have to take a few weeks off work to recover. Whatever the circumstances, if the accident was not your fault, you are entitled to substantial damages and compensation which could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars in the case of serious injury, or death of a loved one. If any of the foregoing applies, then you need an 18-wheeler wreck attorney in Harlingen, and the best one by far is not actually in Harlingen but in Brownsville.

Specialists In 18-Wheeler Wrecks In Harlingen

We are Villarreal Law Firm in Brownsville and one of the things that we do is specialize as an 18-wheeler wreck attorney in Harlingen because we have experience of many such accidents there. They can cause an immense amount of damage, and compensation may be payable by the 18-wheeler’s insurance company or the trucking firm itself.

Truck drivers are often hired by large trucking companies who have expensive legal teams working for them in order to protect themselves in the case of accidents. Now truck drivers are prone to working longer hours than the law allows in order to earn more money, and this means that they can get tired. They may also drink alcohol or even take drugs. Who knows? But you can bet your bottom dollar that whoever is ultimately responsible for paying you the compensation that you deserve is going to fight hard to keep it to a minimum, and that is precisely why the trucking companies and insurance companies are happy to pay expensive lawyers to do just that.

And that is exactly why you need an 18-wheeler wreck attorney in Harlingen on your side to fight them and ensure that you get the compensation that you should, rather than a paltry few thousand dollars when it should be in the hundreds of thousands.

So if you have been injured in such a wreck, the first thing to do is to call us at Villarreal Law Firm for a meeting to assess your situation. You can come to our office in Brownsville, or we will come to you as you prefer.

And the consultation is entirely free, so you have nothing to lose.

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