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When a Texas AAA Insurance Agent is ready to help with your accident claim, what are the first things to consider?

  1. Don’t sign anything. Once you’ve accepted an amount and signed a document, AAA is off the hook for covering any more claims for that accident. The sum they offer may sound good, but speak to an attorney first; we usually find there’s more they should cover.
  2. Don’t agree to a recorded statement. It will not benefit you or your claim to agree to a recorded discussion. Even if the claims adjustor insists, you are not legally obligated to speak on the record about your accident, injuries, or anything else about the car crash.
  3. Never accept fault. We advise you not to speak to an insurance claims adjustor, but if you do, never accept blame for an accident. Texas is an “at-fault insurance state,” meaning the person legally responsible for the accident pays for the damages. Our legal team can dig deep into the accident and find where the fault lies. Most of the time, it’s not leveled at just one person.
  4. That AAA claims adjustor may be friendly, but they are not your friend. Good customer service is essential for any business, but that friendly and “supportive” insurance adjustor represents a large company. They want the claim settled cheaply and quickly! And if they can deny your claim, even better!
  5. The other parties may owe you compensation, too. Your AAA insurance policy can help cover the damages after a car wreck, but the other drivers might be responsible, too. If it’s another driver with AAA or a trucking or parcel service, you’ll need a lawyer to help juggle the work and negotiate to fight for total compensation.

The American Automobile Association provides state-centric services throughout the United States.  Auto insurance expectations can vary from state to state.  “Don’t Mess with Texas” certainly applies when covering car insurance.  For instance, auto insurance in Texas requires personal injury protection, coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists, and coverage for collisions.  The state mandates bodily injury and property damage liability.  If you’ve covered all your insurance needs, issues can still arise when working with a claim adjustor after a car accident in the Rio Grande Valley.  For instance, claims reimbursements can become delayed due to missed calls and company bureaucracy.  What you paid for in case of a car accident and what you received may not match up.  Or, after filing a claim, the adjustor could be nickel and diming you to pieces by negotiating for cheap parts for a car repair. 

Whether you or the other driver has AAA Texas Insurance, you are owed total and fair compensation after a car crash in the Brownsville, Texas, area.  The only way to cut to the chase is to make it clear that your time is valuable by working with Brownsville’s top personal injury law firm.  We understand those recovering from a car wreck may not have the energy or time to haggle the claim details with an insurance adjuster.  We ( are ready to step in to fight and do it for you!

What are the primary driver causes for a car crash around Brownsville, Texas?

Topics can include issues that contribute to an accident in the Brownsville, Texas area, such as:GEICO Insurance Claims - Tips and Tricks

Distractions: The NTSA notes that distracted driving claimed 3,308 lives in 2022 (  Distracted driving behaviors include looking at a cell phone, eating and drinking, and playing with a navigation system.  Texting is the biggest distraction, taking someone’s attention away from the road for five seconds at a time. 

Drowsiness: This type of driving is as alarming as a DUI situation.  Things that cause drowsiness while driving include untreated sleep disorders, over-the-counter medication, and lack of sleep.  Sometimes, a person may extend their day by getting up early in the morning and attending an evening event, then try to drive home while exhausted from the entire day.

Road Rage or Aggressive Driving: People may wonder about road rage and distracted driving.  And the answer is yes.  An overly emotional response to other drivers can look like speeding, cutting off another driver, and trying to get the attention of a driver.  These behaviors could be considered “blowing off steam” to the angry motorist but can also lead to a car crash. 

Alcohol: Texas is noted as the 3rd worst state for drunk driving.  ABC13 News reported an article on the website data reveals 42.37% of all traffic deaths in Texas are the cause of drunk driving. 

Drugs: The NIH reports that marijuana is the second most prevalent substance found in drivers next to alcohol. This is an excellent course to support car crash prevention on your end.  But if you’ve been in an auto crash around the Rio Grand Valley, the other driver(s) might be drunk or high.  And they may not be interested in covering your damages.  Our legal team can help hold their insurance companies accountable.

Are some AAA Texas auto insurance plans better than others?

A majority of car insurance carriers have tiers of plans to offer customers.  AAA Texas provides three levels: Classic, Plus, and Premier.  For instance, when it comes to AAA Roadside Assistance, all three plans offer some towing service across the United States and Canada.  The difference between plans is how many miles the towing service will go to transport a car.  Extrication/winching services help a vehicle when it is stuck.  The car may be stuck in the mud or embedded in a street sign pole.  It can also become entangled with another vehicle due to the impact of the car crash.  The Classic plan only supports one car and one driver, while Plus and Premier support two service vehicles and two drivers. 

If a car is going into the auto repair shop or is completely totaled, the driver is going to need temporary transportation.  Car rental insurance helps cover that gap.  All three AAA Texas Insurance offers discounted rates for rental in all three packages.  The Premier package provides the extra benefit of a free standard rental car for one day.  In our experience, if a vehicle is in the repair shop after a wreck, it usually takes more than a day to return it to the owner. 

Even if you do not have free car rental coverage when your car is in for repairs, the other driver(s) may be responsible for covering it.  And if you need a car, you need it right away.  Contact us, and we’ll work to ensure your car rental costs are covered while your vehicle is “recovering” from the crash. 

And if costs exceed your own AAA Texas Insurance membership, you can still receive reimbursement.  Our legal team will review the other driver or delivery van for insurance to cover your damages and make you legally whole after a car wreck. 

More Facts about AAA Texas Insurance for Rio Grande Valley Residents

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