Air Travel vs. Car Travel in Harlingen – and the Need to Call a Harlingen Accident Lawyer

Valley International Airport in Harlingen is the largest airport in Cameron County and services the whole of the Rio Grande Valley.

Accident attorney in Brownsville, TexasIt is also a very big cargo airport and is ranked among the top 80 airports in the US. It has some 120 air movements every day from three different runways – that’s around 45,000 every year. Here is something you didn’t know: the airport was home to the very first Starbucks in Cameron County, situated in the main terminal. Valley International is often described as the “gateway to San Padre Island” with door to door transportation for passengers.

We are lucky to have Valley International in Harlingen, and we are also lucky that air travel is actually very safe. It’s a lot safer than traveling on the roads in Harlingen so if you have a car wreck on your way to or from the airport you need to call the best accident attorney in Harlingen – that would be us.

No we’re not actually physically based in Harlingen but we do get a lot of clients coming to see us in our Brownsville offices because we’re are only a half hour’s drive away and we are known as the best accident attorneys in the Rio Grande Valley. In fact, accidents are what we deal with every day. They are our specialty and there is nothing more that we like than getting into a fight with insurance company lawyers on behalf of our clients – and winning!

Win, We Do (Get a Harlingen Accident Lawyer Who Works for You)

And win, we do. You see, if you try to take on the insurance company lawyers by yourself they know full well that they can run rings around you. And they will – because they know every last little loophole in the law and you don’t. The result is that they will get the amount of compensation that you are awarded reduced to the absolute minimum, or even nothing at all if they can get away with it.

However, when you use us as your accident attorney in Harlingen they know that it is a completely different ball game because they know that we know as much as they do. Sometimes they will even give in very early on, but most of the time they will fight. And so do we. This is like a boxing match – the winner is the last man standing – and that’s us!

So when you need an accident attorney in Harlingen call on us – even if we’re not actually in Harlingen. We offer every client a completely free consultation, and the initial one can even be done over the phone. So give us a call on (956) 544-4444.

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