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    If you’re looking for the best accident lawyer in Brownsville, we’d like to have the opportunity. Our team of personal injury lawyers, paralegals, and assistants are “Brownsville Proud.” We work hard for each and every victim of a car, pedestrian, truck, or other vehicle incident – one case at a time.

    Let’s talk about Brownsville. Our town covers 145.2 sq miles and a population of about 186,000 people. We have more than our fair share of traffic accidents. From trucks to cars, 18 wheelers to motorcycles, and even pedestrians – all have more than their fair share of vehicle injury accidents. Brownsville was even recently honored in 2001 and again in 2014 as an “All American City” by the National Civic League. We’re also home of the fabulous “Charro Days” – a celebration each Spring honoring the Mexican / Texas / American relationship.

    Unfortunately, car accidents are more and more common in Brownsville and throughout Cameron County. According to, here are some recent car accidents in Brownsville. You can use that site as well to get a copy of your accident report. Another option is to use and search for Brownsville accidents. A third good resource is, which lists fatal car crashes and road traffic accidents for 2022 and 2023. 

    Your accident is what matters to you. Reach out for a free consultation with a Brownsville personal injury lawyer. Here is more information on vehicle accidents in and around Brownsville Texas and the entire Cameron County area by year (source) – 

    • 2019 – 9 fatal accidents, 16 vehicles involved in fatal accidents, and there were 32 persons involved in fatal accidents. Even 4 pedestrians were impacted by fatal vehicl accidents.
    • 2018 – 2018 saw 16 fatal accidents, 23 vehicles involved in said accidents, and 7 pedestrians killed in fatal vehicle accidents.
    • 2017 – the fatal accident count was just 10, with 5 pedestrians involved in fatal accidents.
    • 2016 – there were 14 fatal accidents, of which 2 involved intoxicated persons, but only 1 pedestrian fatal accident.

    Statistics only tell you so much about vehicle accidents in South Texas. For example, here’s a tragedy that really hits home. On December 24, 2022, (Christmas Eve), “Police responded at 9:20 p.m. Saturday to a single-vehicle rollover crash at the 1200 block of E. 14th Street, Investigator Martin Sandoval, spokesperson for the Brownsville Police Department told ValleyCentral. The vehicle had a single occupant, a 19-year-old man who died as a result of the crash. The man was identified by police as Fabian Quezada. Authorities said that the driver lost control after travelling at a high-rate of speed, hitting a curb and then a fence and tree. Police do not believe that alcohol played a factor in the crash” (Source). 

    Being Involved in a Brownsville Texas Accident

    Being involved in a car accident in South Texas can be a frightening experience, especially when injuries are involved. If you find yourself in such a situation in Brownsville, TX, it’s crucial to know what steps to take to protect your well-being and legal rights. Here are five important things to do after an injury car accident; but, remember, our personal injury law firm offers a “free consultation” with car, truck, vehicle, and pedestrian accidents in Brownsville as well as nearby communities like Harlingen, San Benito, and even McAllen.

    Ensure Safety:
    Immediately after the accident, ensure your safety by moving away from oncoming traffic, if possible. Turn on hazard lights and use road flares, if available, to warn other drivers. Check yourself and others for injuries and call the Brownsville Police Department or other emergency services (as needed) to report the accident and request medical assistance.

    Seek Medical Attention:
    Even if your injuries seem minor, it is essential to seek medical attention. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent, and a medical professional can evaluate and document your condition. This documentation will be valuable if you decide to pursue a legal claim. Nearby medical centers include Valley Baptist, Valley Regional, and Solara Specialty Hospitals.

    Gather Information:
    Collect important information about the accident, including the names, contact details, and insurance information of all parties involved. Common insurance companies in Cameron County include Geico, Progressive, All State and Farmers; but it doesn’t matter what insurance the other party has, be sure to get their information! Take photos of the accident scene, the damage to the vehicles, and any visible injuries. Eyewitness statements and their contact information can also be valuable.

    Notify Insurance Company:
    Before you contact an insurance company, however, contact our law firm. Our attorneys can advise the best next steps including how to deal with an insurance company. The process just take minutes. Then, if advised, contact your insurance company to report the accident promptly. Provide them with accurate details of the incident, including the date, time, and location. Again, it is better however to do this with the advice of an attorney; in fact in many cases our staff of Brownsville attorneys can help with the entire process.

    Consult with an Accident Lawyer:
    To protect your rights and ensure fair compensation, consider scheduling a free consultation with an accident lawyer in Brownsville. An experienced injury lawyer can guide you through the legal process, help gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent you in court if necessary. They can provide valuable advice specific to your case and maximize your chances of receiving appropriate compensation.

    Suffering an injury car accident in Brownsville, TX can be overwhelming, but following these steps can help you navigate the situation effectively. Remember to prioritize your safety and seek medical attention promptly. Gathering information, notifying your insurance company, and consulting with an accident lawyer are vital steps to protect your rights and ensure fair compensation. Contacting an accident lawyer for a free consultation can provide you with expert guidance tailored to your specific circumstances. By taking these practical and informed steps, you can navigate the aftermath of a car accident with greater confidence.

    Questions and Answers about Accidents

    Our accident lawyers are based in Brownsville and serve not only Brownsville but nearby cities such as Harlingen, San Benito, and other nearby cities such as South Padre Island or McAllen. Here are some common questions:

    Q. What should you do after a car accident?

    A. First and foremost, be safe and stay safe. Take every necessary action for your own safety, that of your own passengers as well as the other vehicle.  Call 911 or the Brownsville Police Department at 956-548-7000. When the police arrive, be sure to get the names and phone numbers of all witness.  Importantly, do not admit fault! Call an accident lawyer who works in Brownsville immediately for a free consultation. 

     Q. What are three important tips on filing an auto insurance claim?

    A. Here it really depends. First, you can contact your own insurance company or that of the other party if they are at fault. Second, you can use their mobile app if desired. But, third, we highly recommend you reach out to a vehicle accident attorney. You have rights and you shouldn’t just give them up!

    Q. What is the most common injury in a car accident?

    A. Whiplash is seen as the most common injury in a car accident and we definitely get more than our fair share of whiplash accidents here in Brownsville. But other injuries are possible, and some may not show up immediately. Our team can refer you to doctors and chiropractors to determine the extent of any injuries and secure funds for paying for treatment.

    Q. How does a personal injury lawyer get paid?

    A. Most personal injury lawyers work on a “contingency basis.” This means that the lawyer gets paid if and only they win. You pay nothing if you do not prevail. You can speak to an attorney for a free consultation, and they can explain how payments work. Generally, it is “free” to you and the lawyers get paid if and only if they win in a court of law, such as the City of Brownsville Municipal Court

    Q. What is the average settlement after an injury car accident?

    A. That depends! It depends on the injuries, of course. It depends on who was injured and their age and occupation (“lost wages”). And it depends on the insurance company, policy limits, and assets of the responsible party. You can’t really say without reaching out to a top-rated accident lawyer who can assess the facts and the law and give you advice on settlement possibilities.

    Practice Areas

    Personal injury law, of course, is the area of the law that covers what most people think of they want to sue another party (often a corporation or an insurance company) for damages. Here are some of the areas that we can help you if you are in Brownsville, Texas and/or the accident or even happened in Cameron County – 

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      A Factoid About Brownsville, Texas

      The settlement around the fort was called Brownsville, a founding date of 1848 is generally accepted for the city. Finally incorporated in 1853, Brownsville was named the county seat of Cameron County (named after Ewen Cameron, a U.S. soldier killed by a Mexican firing squad during the war). Its location on the river helped establish Brownsville as a trade center for southern Texas. The city prospered and steamboat traffic on the river further enhanced Brownsville’s status as an economic center. Source:

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