Chubb Insurance Claims: Tips and Resources on Making an Accident Claim to AAA Texas Insurance

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When a Texas Chubb Insurance Agent is ready to help with your accident claim, what are the first things to consider?

  1. Don’t sign anything. Once you’ve accepted an amount and signed a document, Chubb is off the hook for covering any more claims for that accident. The sum they offer may sound good, but speak to an attorney first; we usually find there’s more they should cover.
  2. Don’t agree to a recorded statement. It will not benefit you or your claim to agree to a recorded discussion. Even if the claims adjustor insists, you are not legally obligated to speak on the record about your accident, injuries, or anything else about the car crash.
  3. Never accept fault. We advise you not to speak to an insurance claims adjustor, but if you do, never accept blame for an accident. Texas is an “at-fault insurance state,” meaning the person legally responsible for the accident pays for the damages. Our legal team can dig deep into the accident and find where the fault lies. Most of the time, it’s not leveled at just one person.
  4. That Chubb claims adjustor may be friendly, but they are not your friend. Good customer service is essential for any business, but that friendly and “supportive” insurance adjustor represents a large company. They want the claim settled cheaply and quickly! And if they can deny your claim, even better!
  5. The other parties may owe you compensation, too. Your Chubb insurance policy can help cover the damages after a car wreck, but the other drivers might be responsible, too. If it’s another driver with Chubb or a trucking or parcel service, you’ll need a lawyer to help juggle the work and negotiate to fight for total compensation

Chubb Insurance is listed as one of the world’s biggest and most publicly-traded insurance companies.  Their auto insurance specializes in coverage for luxury cars and offers extensive coverage options.  The information may be good news to Texans who rated the Lamborghini their number one favorite auto brand ( 

Offering insurance for high-end cars means their prices can be higher than other auto insurance plans.  This may not be a concern for a Texas resident who enjoys their Porsche, BMW, or Land Rover.  They might believe a luxury car deserves above-average care.  And for many who carry Chubb insurance, the customer service could be top-notch too.  Yet, there are a few red flags to consider if you have auto insurance for this company.

First, the Better Business Bureau gives Chubb a D-minus rating because it is not BBB accredited.  This rating is based on 104 complaints filed against the business, which they did not respond to (  Trustpilot’s customer ratings ( for Chubb are 92% 1-star reviews out of five stars.  This may indicate that the claims experience with Chubb Insurance might be an exclusive experience as well! 

For many, Chubb may not be their insurance carrier but that of the other driver.  Maybe someone was driving their luxury Sportscar a little too fast down the Texas roadway and crashed into you.  In that case, the claims adjustor might have a different attitude about your car insurance claim.  We always advise anyone in a car accident to avoid speaking directly to an insurance company and contact a top car crash attorney first.  But if you have already contacted them and feel “snubbed” or disrespected, contact us ASAP (

It’s not our business to care about your wealth bracket.  Our job is to fight for total and fair compensation after an auto accident. GEICO Insurance Claims - Tips and Tricks


A seamless claim experience vs. roadblocks with Chubb in Texas

The company has excellent insurance offerings for those who can afford it.  Chubbs auto insurance covers luxury cars, classic cars, and rare limited-production automobiles.  And the insurance company’s offerings reflect the needs of their clientele.  For instance, Chubb Masterpiece Auto Coverage Highlights ( provide high-end coverage such as;

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM parts.  Unlike other insurance carriers, there is no negotiation about what replacement parts will be used to fix a luxury car.
  • The owner of a high-end automobile expects a fair replacement when it is in the shop, and Chubb delivers.  There is no daily limit on a rental car. 
  • Global Travelers can get Chubb auto coverage in fifty-four countries. 

If you are a Chubb customer, these benefits are precisely what you expect to see.  But, if you’ve been in an auto accident, sometimes those benefits are easier “said than done.” There are plenty of strategies a claims adjustor uses to cut company costs when handling a claim.  If you think what was promised needs to be delivered, speak to a Brownsville car accident attorney (  We can help clear any misunderstanding between you, and your Chubb claims adjustor. 

Umbrella Insurance Company can fill in the financial gaps after a car accident in the Rio Grande Valley.

Umbrella insurance is used to help cover liability to other drivers.  Personal Umbrella Insurance, or PUP, can protect the driver and those who have been in an accident with that driver.  Wealthy or high-net-worth Texans can find this a valuable tool to protect their finances.  If a working-class Texan has been in a crash with a luxury car driver, our job is to determine if the other driver has PUP insurance.  Chubb will have to help cover the medical expenses for injuries, pain, and suffering, but PUP is additional.  If primary liability goes beyond the plan’s limit, umbrella insurance is there to help make up the difference. 

WalletHub named Chubb Insurance the best umbrella insurance company for high liability limits ( 

The company’s PUP policies cover:

  • Additional property damage and bodily injury claims.
  • Personal injury liability settlements.
  • Protection after an accident with an uninsured/underinsured driver.
  • Defense against charges of libel, slander, and negligent injuries. 

A claims adjustor may not want to disclose that their insurer has PUP coverage.  And by law, they don’t have to. That could be a problem for the claimant when it’s time to pay the medical and property damage bills.  This is avoidable if a personal injury lawyer ( is in charge of the conversation! We know the right questions to ask an insurance adjustor and will demand straight answers.

Know the five common causes of a watercraft collision on the Texas Coast.

A Texas vehicle collision can happen on sea as well as on land.  Texas is listed as #7 in the U.S. for boat owners, with 567,470 registered recreational boats.  (  Texas Parks and Wildlife notes several boating facts that contributed to a boating accident along the Texas coast.  Here are the top five reasons for watercraft accidents;

  1. Operator inattention was the #1 reason for boating collisions in Texas for 2023 (according to Texas Parks & Wildlife).
  2. Lack of proper boating use instruction.  70% of deaths occur due to boat operator inexperience.
  3. Speeding.
  4. Alcohol or Boating Under the Influence (BUI).
  5. Improper Lookout.

Chubb Insurance plans provide high-end coverage via their Masterpiece Boats & Yachts Coverage.  Our firm also specializes ( in supporting claims for watercraft accidents. 

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