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After a collision in Brownsville, TX , what should you do? You have RIGHTS. Call collision and injury lawyer, Javier Villarreal, to FIGHT the Insurance Companies! * Accident Attorney * FREE CONSULT – Let Javier FIGHT your insurance company!

Collision Repair & Body Shops in Brownsville Texas

Brownsville can be a dangerous city to drive in. We have more than our share of injury accidents. If you’re in a car or truck accident, you should call an attorney. You have rights. Let an accident attorney defend them.

That said, here are questions and answers on Brownsville collision and body shops.

Q. How Do I Find an Authorized Collision Repair Shop?

A. Most insurance companies have “authorized” or “certified” collision repair. If you’re at fault, you’ll need to touch base with your insurance. But if you’re not at fault, the responsibility falls on the other person’s insurance company.

Q. Do You Have a List of Authorized Body Shops or Collision Repair in Brownsville?

A. Not entirely. Just like you, we recommend you Google them. But, that said, here are a few – Geico, Allstate, State Farm, and Progressive.

Q. Does the State of Texas have a list of authorized body shops?

A. Not exactly. The State of Texas does, however, have some good resources for selecting the best auto insuranc company for you (here), and their HelpInsure website which helps you shop for car insurance. 

Q. What do You Do If the Insurance Company is Non-cooperative?

A. Call an attorney! If you’re in an injury car wreck and/or your car is damaged, the insurance company may not be cooperative. You have rights. You may benefit from having an attorney represent you. Often, insurance companies are easier to deal with when they know that you – too – have an attorney on your side.

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