Foremost Insurance Claims: Tips and Resources on Making an Accident Claim to Foremost Insurance in Texas

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When a Texas Foremost Insurance Agent is ready to help with your accident claim, what are the first things to consider?  DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE.  PLEASE CONTACT A LAWYER AS EVERY CASE IS UNIQUE

Securing basic auto insurance may seem simple to most Texans until they begin to look for it.  Residents of the Lone Star State are used to driving many types of vehicles along the Rio Grande Valley.  Yes, your average drivers use their truck or car for daily transportation like commuting, running errands, and so forth.  But Texans like their options and weekend excursions in an RV is a common site along the Rio Grande Valley roads.  For instance, a Brownsville resident may take the family to one of South Padre Island’s many RV camps on a three-day vacation.  Or they may plan a trip to a mountain RV resort several miles away.  Like any vehicle, RVs need insurance coverage.  Many insurers will not cover recreational vehicles, but Foremost Insurance was founded on this type of coverage.  Travel trailers, campers, and fifth-wheel trailers are their specialty. 

Not all Texas Vehicle Insurers are the same; Foremost is one example
GEICO Insurance Claims - Tips and Tricks

  1. Don’t sign anything. Once you’ve accepted an amount and signed a document, Foremost is off the hook for covering any more claims for that accident. The sum they offer may sound good, but speak to an attorney first; we usually find there’s more they should cover.
  2. Don’t agree to a recorded statement. It will not benefit you or your claim to agree to a recorded discussion. Even if the claims adjustor insists, you are not legally obligated to speak on the record about your accident, injuries, or anything else about the car crash.
  3. Never accept fault. We advise you not to speak to an insurance claims adjustor, but if you do, never accept blame for an accident. Texas is an “at-fault insurance state,” meaning the person legally responsible for the accident pays for the damages. Our legal team can dig deep into the accident and find where the fault lies. Most of the time, it’s not leveled at just one person.
  4. That Foremost claims adjustor may be friendly, but they are not your friend. Good customer service is essential for any business, but that friendly and “supportive” insurance adjustor represents a large company. They want the claim settled cheaply and quickly! And if they can deny your claim, even better!
  5. The other parties may owe you compensation, too. Your Foremost insurance policy can help cover the damages after a car wreck, but the other drivers might be responsible, too. If it’s another driver with Foremost or a trucking or parcel service, you’ll need a lawyer to help juggle the work and negotiate to fight for total compensation.

If you have a claim in Texas with Foremost Insurance, settling could be a bumpy road

Many Texans may not be familiar with Foremost, but they probably are with the parent company, Farmers Insurance.  And like Farmers Insurance, Foremost Insurance operates in all 50 states, including Texas.  They provide insurance for all types of recreational vehicles including campers, travel trailers, 5th wheels and other vacation vehicles.  Finding the right RV plan with Foremost may be simple and quick.  But will that same attitude apply to an accident claim?  Compensation from the company could be a mixed bag. 

Wallethub’s customer reviews ( make it clear that Foremost Insurance adjusters might need help with customer service.  The site gives Foremost a review of 2.1 out of 5 stars, with customer service noted as mediocre.  One customer review notes that the adjustors “fight nonstop to deny insurance claims.” 

Yet various ratings tell different stories.  The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) gives Foremost Insurance a 1.30 rating because the company has received more complaints than the average insurance provider.  Yet The Zebra gives Foremost 2.7 out of 5 stars in ratings and reviews.  Zebra notes one of the company’s “pros” is how its local agents service customers with individual care.  Trustpilot offers 3.5 out of 5 stars ( 

The TDI ranks Foremost County Mutual Insurance Company #19 for passenger auto insurance (

A key takeaway from this data is that, like most insurance companies, Foremost may be more concerned about its bottom line than your injuries when covering a claim. 

The best path to a fair auto accident claim is through a top Brownsville attorney

You need an attorney whether you’ve been sideswiped by a fifth-wheel camper on Interstate 69E or rear-ended by a motorhome on the FM510.  Filing an injury claim with Foremost Insurance or Foremost Lloyds of Texas is no different than filing one with other insurers.  Claims adjustors are there to help the company stay on the black side of the financial balance sheet.  And if they can help the company boost profits, too, that’s an added incentive to low-ball claims. 

The JV Law team will save time waiting for return calls or arguing with an annoyed insurance adjuster.  We know you have a legal right to receive fair compensation, and we get to it!  This applies to any personal injury accident, including vehicles, motorcycle crashes (, work-related injuries, and boating accidents.

Recreational vehicle drivers in Texas face a list of possible mishaps

RVs, travel trailers, and fifth-wheel campers need special insurance coverage because drivers can experience different risks compared to cars.  Here are some common causes of RV accidents in the United States.

Overtired drivers

Inexperienced drivers


Collisions with other vehicles

Runaway trailers

Jackknife accidents

Too much weight in the RV

Tire blowouts

Lane departures

Running off the road

Backing up accidents

Miscalculating stopping distances

Hitch failure

High Winds

Blind Spots

Driving a large vehicle carrying more weight than the average car can contribute to these hazards. A truck-driving Texan may be comfortable turning, stopping, and driving in tough weather, but those same behaviors need to be modified to accommodate a camper or RV. And those who are new to the RV lifestyle may be on the road with you and carry Foremost Insurance. If you get in a crash with an RV or other vacation vehicle, you’ll need an attorney to help negotiate with the claims adjustor and get through the process quickly. 

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Foremost Insurance Group is represented by more than 38,000 agents across the country. 

A.M. Best gives Foremost an A rating for financial strength.

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