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Vehicle accidents are, unfortunately, quite common in Harlingen, Texas. If you’ve been in one, please reach out for a free consultation with our Harlingen personal injury lawyers.

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    Our attorneys serve folks in Harlingen, TX, who may be accident victims. So, if you’re looking for a personal injury attorney in Harlingen, you may discover that the quick drive to Brownsville, Texas, and the offices of the Villarreal Law Firm is worth it. Our team of personal injury lawyers have worked with many clients in Harlingen – so much so, that we are often considered as having some of the best accident lawyers in Harlingen, even though our physical office is in Brownsville. Our lawyers speak Spanish, so if you’re looking for an “abogado de accidentes en Harlingen,” please call us and let our Spanish-speaking “abogados” help you!

    If you’ve suffered an accident in Cameron County in or around Harlingen, Texas,  don’t delay. Whether you live in Harlingen or are scheduled for Court in Harlingen, or the accident happened in Harlingen, reach out immediately for a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our top truck and car accident attorneys servicing Harlingen, Texas. Our attorneys are known as among the best personal injury lawyers not only in Brownsville, Harlingen, and San Benito (the three biggest cities in Cameron County, Texas) but also throughout the region. We’ve helped citizens in Los Fresnos, South Padre Island and even Olmito, Rancho Viejo, and Los Indios to litigate a personal injury lawsuit such as a car or truck accident, a motorcycle or boating accident, or any of a number of accident or injury issues to get their just compensation.

    Facts about Harlingen, Texas

    Harlingen is located in the central region of the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas and has a population of around 71,921. It is about thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

    Visitors of Harlingen can find a surprising combination of cultural and outdoor activities for the so-called “quiet town,” including the Harlingen Performing Arts Center and Hugh Ramsey Nature Park. Harlingen, Texas, is home to Valley International Airport, a busy local airport providing non-stop flights to Texas cities, including Dallas and Houston. The primary industries for Harlingen include technology, medicine, manufacturing, and agriculture.

    Nearby highways are active transportation hubs for 18-wheeler trucks, livestock trailers, and semi-trucks.

    Harlingen, Texas Roadways: Trucking Accidents, Motorcycle, and Car Crashes

    The city of Harlingen is located at the intersection of Highway 77 and U.S. Route 83 (renamed Interstate 69E and Interstate 2). Various industries use these highways daily for the distribution and shipping of goods. Drivers can see tractor-trailers, hazmat trucks, livestock trailers, and freight-hauling trucks, to name a few. They may be careful around these big rigs, but it only takes one mistake to create a truck/car crash.

    Wind or rain changes the terrain around the Harlingen roadways, which can cause auto accidents. To be clear, statistically, the weather isn’t usually the main factor in a car accident. Most accidents on the roadways are due to driver error. The Harlingen Texas Police Department Annual report for 2021 – 2022 show car crashes increased by 26%


    If I’ve been in an accident with a semi-truck in the Rio Grande Valley, when should I contact their insurance for compensation?

    The answer is first to contact an expert personal injury attorney.  Insurance carriers for trucking companies may offer inadequate compensation for an accident.  And if an injured person signs an agreement to accept the suggested amount, it’s tougher to receive more.  When the insurance carrier realizes an expert lawyer is ready to fight for fair compensation after an accident with a big rig, they can become more reasonable about a claim.

    How do I obtain a record of my crash report?

    The crash report is essential to fighting for fair compensation after a car accident.  Our legal team is ready to obtain a crash report after a motorcycle or car accident.  If a person is trying to recover from a crash with a semi-truck, it may be challenging to focus on vital paperwork.

    For those who are interested in how to make a request for a crash report, here is a link to the City of Harlingen Police Department page.

    Can I find a Harlingen accident lawyer who speaks Spanish?

    The Javier Villarreal team speaks both English and Spanish.  Cameron County, Texas, is a bilingual area, and as a local legal firm near Harlingen, we can work with any resident.  This includes green card holders, Mexican immigrants, and Texas citizens. If someone is looking for an; “abogado de accidentes automovilisticos,” “abogado de accidente de Camion” or, “abogado de accidente de Carro,” they can reach out to our lawyers. Our legal team knows speaking in a native language can make it easier for Spanish-speaking individuals to understand the details around a personal injury claim.

    When someone’s been in a car crash and suffered injuries, they shouldn’t avoid calling a lawyer for help because they don’t feel comfortable speaking English!  

    What personal injury cases does a Harlingen, Texas, attorney take?

    People may think lawyers only handle auto and slip-and-fall accidents, but our legal team also manages other types of injury cases.  We are;

    Anytime a person has suffered an accident, and an insurance carrier is involved, we can help get fair compensation for an injury claim.  

    It’s free to speak to a Harlingen personal injury attorney about an injury claim!

    When a person has suffered injuries from an accident, paying for a lawyer should not be on their mind.  They have too many other things to worry about, such as lost wages from missed work due to the injury.  There’s also the pain of physical injuries and mental trauma, which may be a slow recovery.  Our lawyers fight the insurance company and get paid when the case ends and compensation is resolved.

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    Personal injury law, of course, is the area of the law that covers what most people think of they want to sue another party (often a corporation or an insurance company) for damages. Here are some of the areas that we can help you if you are in Harlingen and/or the accident or even happened in Harlingen, Texas –

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      Whatever the type of injury, you’ll need to consult a personal injury lawyer to see if you have a case. We offer a FREE case evaluation so there’s no cost or risk to you to investigate if you have a potential lawsuit. Contact us at once.

      A Factoid About Harlingen, Texas

      Lon C. Hill purchased the tract where Harlingen is approximately located, from Mrs. Henrietta King of King Ranch. The initial purchase was made for exactly 13,837 acres for $1.50 to $2.50 an acre depending on the condition of the land. Our founder, Lon C. Hill, envisioned a railroad, the initial development of an irrigation system and a deep water port for Harlingen on the Arroyo, which was later developed in and around the fertile lands of Harlingen. In 1904, an unfortunate turn of events happened to the Hill family. Mrs. Hill and a son died in November of Typhoid Fever. Three months later, Mr. Hill took his children to the partially completed ranch house in Harlingen after the deaths in their family. The hub and town center of Harlingen was Van Buren and First Streets where a hotel, general stores, hardware, drug stores, a barbershop, saloons, blacksmith shop, etc. made their home. Source: https://visitharlingentexas.com/harlingen/

      Other resources for Harlingen Texas include the City of Harlingen as well as the Police Department. Plus there is the Veterans Affairs department in Harlingen, as well as Customs and Border Patrol

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