If You Have Been in a Car Wreck You May Need a Brownsville Police Report

If your car has been in a significant wreck, you may need to produce a Brownsville police report. It can be a little confusing, and we could point you to the website, etc. But here’s a thought. Call our office at J V Law Firm, because if you qualify, after an accident, we can help with everything, including fixing the Brownsville police report for free.

You may need to create a police report after a car wreck.

OK, if you have only been in a minor shunt and you just need a new bumper, you won’t need to create a Brownsville police report for that. However, most car wrecks these days are a lot more serious than that, and in that case, you may not only need a police report, but you will need to fight the insurance company of the other driver if he or she was responsible for the wreck.

Fight them?

Yes. We’re afraid so. Despite what insurance companies declare in their advertising, they absolutely hate to pay out. If you think about it, this is logical, because the more they pay out, the less profit they make. Conversely, the less they pay out, the more profit they make. Insurance company business is actually very simple: they collect as much as possible in premiums and pay as little as possible in claims. End of.

Expensive Lawyers

So, when they get a claim of any size, they will do everything that they can in order to reduce it to as little as possible, and preferably nothing at all! This is why they have very expensive lawyers working for them whose job is to investigate every claim and try to find ways to avoid paying out.

Anything that those lawyers can do, they will do. And unfortunately, you cannot try to fight them yourself because they will take you to the proverbial cleaners. That is why you need us on your side because our job is to get you the full amount of your claim that the law says that you should receive. Very often that means that the case can finish up in court, and that’s another reason why you need us.

But don’t panic. We work for you on a “no win – no fee” basis. So, if we don’t get you any compensation you won’t have to pay us a cent. And that includes court fees.  

What we will do is to agree a fee with you before we start, but you won’t pay that fee until your claim has been settled by the insurance company.

Here’s another thing: we don’t like to work for nothing! So, you can be assured that we are going to fight tooth and nail to get you the compensation that you deserve!

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