Injured in a Car Wreck? You May Need a Car Wreck Attorney

Let’s face it: accidents happen. And a lot of accidents happen on the roads. And if you have been in a car wreck it is very stressful.

Brownsville Auto Accident LawyerAmong those stresses is finding the best personal injury lawyer in Brownsville. You need a lawyer who can stand up for you and fight the insurance companies on your behalf. That would be Javier Villarreal, as he is one of the best personal injury lawyers Brownsville because of his attention to detail, his focus on his client, and his fighter instincts. He knows how to take on the insurance company lawyers and beat them at their own game.

This is one of the problems when you have been in a car wreck. The insurance companies have a team of lawyers on their side who get paid a lot of money for doing just one thing. That one thing is to insure that their client, the insurance company, pays out as little as possible.

Look at it from their point of view. The insurance companies are in business for a profit. There is nothing wrong with that: most businesses are there to make a profit. However, most businesses make a profit by providing a product or service which costs them time or money, or both, and then selling it to you for more money than it costs them. But they pay for the product with money before they sell it to you.

The Other Way Around

The insurance companies do something similar but the other way around. They sell a product – their insurance policy – and get paid for it up front. If you don’t make a claim, they have just made 100% profit on your policy for the year. However, if there is a claim, that is when they incur a cost. The lower they can keep that cost, the more profit they make. So they will do everything that they can to keep that cost to the minimum, and if possible pay out nothing at all.

That is why they are happy to pay vast sums to a team of lawyers who do everything they can to pay you as little as possible – and if possible, nothing at all! If they can achieve that, then it’s trebles all round!

That’s why you need the best personal injury lawyers Brownsville to stand up and fight them on your behalf. Every car wreck is different, but Javier Villarreal and his team know all the little ins and outs of the law in the same way the insurance company lawyers do, which is why he can beat them at their own game and insure that you get paid the maximum the law says you are due.

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