So you’ve been in a car accident in South Texas, but is that what it’s called?  It depends on who you are listening to.  For instance, the Texas Department of Transportation is responsible for “crash reports.”

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They don’t call them accidents.  But then, Texas police departments use “accident reports” to report the number of “crashes.” (

Call it whatever you like; a car wreck, collision, crash, smash up, rear-ender, fender bender, etc.  Is there really a difference?  Very little.  The word “accident” may imply the crash wasn’t intended to happen, but what crash is?  As expert personal injury attorneys, we know no one means to cause an accident.  But when it happens, someone must pay for the damages, and fingers will begin to point at who was at fault.  This also is an area where the definition depends on who you talk to. As expert car crash lawyers in South Texas, advise you never to accept responsibility and call an attorney asap (

Insurance Adjustors Have It All Figured Out

The insurance adjustor’s job is to make a quick settlement and save the company money.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your insurance company or the other.  They’ve figured out how to walk away from their responsibility; all it takes is your support.  They may not say they won’t pay the total amount.  Still, they insinuate it by making a low-ball offer on a personal injury claim.  Their proposal is usually different from the proper amount a claimant needs to recover financially. 

This article from the National Law Review reminds people to “Beware of Low-Ball Offers from Auto Insurance Companies” (  The first step to receiving fair compensation for damages after a car accident is to let an attorney speak to the insurance adjuster.  We’ve been car crash lawyers in South Texas for a few decades.  Once an insurance company finds out we represent you, they cooperate.  And their investigation becomes more thorough since an attorney ensures all the evidence is reviewed.

Remember, Texas is an “At-Fault” State

This means injured victims from the car crash can file a claim and sue the “at fault” driver.  Even if you think it was your fault, it’s best to remain silent and allow a personal injury attorney to handle the discussion.  The evidence could prove otherwise.  RGV locals who end up in a car crash may struggle with trauma.  The details about what happened seem fuzzy.  It’s not a good time to talk to anyone and try to understand what happened.  No one in this state of mind should feel pressured into accepting blame. 

There are many reasons why an accident happen; high winds, uneven roads, or a bird flies in front of the windshield.  The culprit could be an old tire in the middle of the road on a dark night!  The Rio Grande Valley is full of stories about what caused a car crash or trucking accident!  Don’t be concerned over what you call it or who is at fault.  Contact a team of expert car crash lawyers in South Texas ( first.  We can help handle the discussion while you recover from your injuries.

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