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Liberty Mutual Texas Claims Handling After a Car Crash in Texas 


When a Liberty Mutual Insurance Agent is ready to help with your accident claim, what are the first things to consider?

  1. Don’t sign anything. Once you’ve accepted an amount and signed a document, Liberty Mutual is off the hook for covering any more claims for that accident. The sum they offer may sound good, but speak to an attorney first; we usually find there’s more they should cover.
  2. Don’t agree to a recorded statement. It will not benefit you or your claim to agree to a recorded discussion. Even if the claims adjustor insists, you are not legally obligated to speak on the record about your accident, injuries, or anything else about the car crash.
  3. Never accept fault. We advise you not to speak to an insurance claims adjustor, but if you do, never accept blame for an accident. Texas is an “at-fault insurance state,” meaning the person legally responsible for the accident pays for the damages. Our legal team can dig deep into the accident and find where the fault lies. Most of the time, it’s not leveled at just one person.
  4. That Liberty Mutual claims adjustor may be friendly, but they are not your friend. Good customer service is essential for any business, but that friendly and “supportive” insurance adjustor represents a large company. They want the claim settled cheaply and quickly! And if they can deny your claim, even better!
  5. The other parties may owe you compensation, too. Your Liberty Mutual insurance policy can help cover the damages after a car wreck, but the other drivers might be responsible, too. If it’s another driver with Liberty Mutual or a trucking or parcel service, you’ll need a lawyer to help juggle the work and negotiate to fight for total compensation

Texas auto insurance carrier Liberty Mutual aims to help the Texas community by giving back and supporting sustainability. Their commitment to business decisions that support the most vulnerable populations is part of that mission. Much of this work is filtered through the employee-staffed Liberty Torchbearers ( This is an organization that uses a three-pronged approach to engagement; Give with liberty, serve with liberty and volunteer with liberty.

Around 16,510 employees worldwide spent 66,040 volunteer hours with organizations. Torchbearers also volunteer their time to earn grants that can be given to the local nonprofit of their choice. 

One company goal to achieve greener living is to encourage drivers to consider their transportation options. Rideshare is considered a more environmentally conscious option. For instance, Liberty Mutual offers rideshare insurance via companies like Uber and Lyft. 

However, if shared rides are not a viable choice for an individual, the company also offers discounts to encourage the use of electric vehicles (EV). For instance, if a Texan chooses to purchase a hybrid/electric vehicle, they will receive a discount that could be up to 10% of the premium. An alternative fuel discount applies to EV’s, gas hybrids, and natural gas vehicles with “eco-mode.”

Liberty offers standard coverage similar to that of gas-powered vehicles. Individuals with EV’s can still find personal injury protection (PIP), collision coverage, liability, comprehensive coverage, and so forth. 

Incentives and efforts are paying off. Liberty Mutual’s 2023 Purpose and Impact Report

( shared the company’s climate-friendly mission details. The company reported that efforts helped reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 46%. GHG emissions are from gases in the atmosphere that absorb and re-emit heat. The Environmental Protection Agency notes that GHG emissions from vehicles are 29% of GHG in the United States. 

The company also invested $1,231 in renewable energy in the U.S. This is good news for the environment. But if you’ve been in a crash with a Liberty Mutual insurer, how does this help you? Whether it’s an EV, hybrid, or standard gas-powered car, a personal injury claim still should be covered fully ( Speaking to a car crash lawyer before contacting Liberty Mutual could be the best approach to receiving total compensation. 

Liberty Mutual supports classic car owners in the Rio Grande Valley

While the insurer supports EVs and rideshare, it also provides insurance for unique, older automobiles. Individuals with common-everyday cars can pick from an assortment of insurance policies. However, a classic car is a prized possession, and owners can face unique challenges when they get in a car crash around the Rio Grande Valley. Liberty Mutual provides classic car insurance for Texas residents ( 

People may wonder what is considered a classic or antique car. It usually meets the following criteria:

1. The vehicle is over twenty-five years old and considered a classic or antique automobile.

2. Unlike typical cars, which depreciate in value over time, a classic car can retain, keep, or increase in value, depending on the make, model, year, etc. 

3. Classic autos are generally used for special occasions like parades or exhibitions.

It’s important to ensure a classic car has the right insurance to meet its needs. If a Texas resident gets in a car wreck near Harlingen or Brownsville, Texas, their classic car will need special attention. Classic car insurance will take into account the type of parts and bodywork required to restore the vehicle to its former glory. Liberty Mutual Insurance provides coverage that considers demands of a classic car. 

Although many enthusiasts are careful where and when they decide to drive their vintage auto around the RGV, a collision with another car can still occur. Classic car owners who have been hit in RGV areas like McAllen, Texas, will need more than Liberty Mutual coverage. They will need an attorney to work with all the insurance carriers ( 

A Brownsville Attorney pays attention to the numbers

In summary, when a Texan has been in a car crash in Harlingen or San Benito, they may not be thinking about social issues like climate change. Instead, they may be concerned about whether Liberty Mutual Insurance is ready to fully compensate them for their damages. Even the most socially conscious insurance adjustor might not consider all the short-term and long-term expenses of a claim. This is why speaking to a personal injury attorney ( is wise before talking to a claims adjustor. 

Seeking a settlement with the insurance carrier without legal support could result in long-term financial losses. A physical injury from a car wreck around Brownsville, Texas, can cause loss of income and quality of life issues. It is best to speak to an attorney who can review the damages and help achieve the best settlement in a claim with Liberty Mutual Insurance. 

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