National General Insurance Claims: Tips and Resources on Making an Accident Claim to NGIC in Texas

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When a Texas National General Insurance Agent is ready to help with your accident claim, what are the first things to consider? DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE.  PLEASE CONTACT A LAWYER AS EVERY CASE IS UNIQUE

Does National General live up to its top ratings as an auto insurance adjustor?

The Better Business Bureau rates National General as an A+ accredited business.  AM Best rates the company A+ as the standard metric for financial stability.  These types of reviews can give an insurance company bragging rights.  It is also an excellent opportunity to share these achievements with the general public.  But ratings can be tricky.  Although the BBB notes NGIC is a respected “accredited” insurance company, customer reviews might tell a different story (  The Current customer reviews display an average of 1 star on a 5-star rating scale.  Although the insurer is regular on their payments and in the black on finances, their response to Texas auto insurance claims may not be stellar.
GEICO Insurance Claims - Tips and Tricks

  1. Don’t sign anything. Once you’ve accepted an amount and signed a document, National General is off the hook for covering any more claims for that accident. The sum they offer may sound good, but speak to an attorney first; we usually find there’s more they should cover.
  2. Don’t agree to a recorded statement. It will not benefit you or your claim to agree to a recorded discussion. Even if the claims adjustor insists, you are not legally obligated to speak on the record about your accident, injuries, or anything else about the car crash.
  3. Never accept fault. We advise you not to speak to an insurance claims adjustor, but if you do, never accept blame for an accident. Texas is an “at-fault insurance state,” meaning the person legally responsible for the accident pays for the damages. Our legal team can dig deep into the accident and find where the fault lies. Most of the time, it’s not leveled at just one person.
  4. That National General claims adjustor may be friendly, but they are not your friend. Good customer service is essential for any business, but that friendly and “supportive” insurance adjustor represents a large company. They want the claim settled cheaply and quickly! And if they can deny your claim, even better!
  5. The other parties may owe you compensation, too. Your National General insurance policy can help cover the damages after a car wreck, but the other drivers might be responsible, too. If it’s another driver with National General or a trucking or parcel service, you’ll need a lawyer to help juggle the work and negotiate to fight for total compensation.

Working directly with a National General Insurance Agent in Texas vs. a Personal Injury Attorney

Communication is the foundation for a quick and successful settlement after a car crash in the Rio Grande Valley.  The company allows many avenues to communicate with them, such as;

  • 24-hour claims reporting.
  • to report a claim online
  • Voicemails
  • Online Chat
  • Email

Texans have several options for how to reach out to the large insurance company.  The problem arises when that company doesn’t respond or, worse, sends the claimant through an endless loop of callbacks.  And the more time you waste, the better it can be for an insurance adjuster.  Texas law states an insurance adjustor has 35 days from the receipt of the claim to settle it.  And the longer it takes to negotiate the auto claim, the more pressure a claimant can feel to resolve it.  The claimant might compromise for less to get a quick settlement check and that’s not good.  This is one crucial reason why communicating with a top Brownsville personal injury lawyer first is a better option.  

Working directly with a Personal Injury Attorney vs. a National General Insurance Agent

The first benefit is you are done playing telephone tag.  That’s over, and our legal team cuts through the communication maze and settles your claim.  There’s a reason why insurance adjustors would rather speak to you directly than a skilled RGV attorney.  It’s because they remain in charge and can ultimately decide how much you’ll receive in a settlement.  On the other hand, when they are required to speak to us (, we know the law and the compensation you deserve. 

The following more critical reason for working with our Brownsville legal team is that you are with others when handling auto accident paperwork.  This can be a tedious and frustrating process for those unfamiliar with it.  For instance, it’s essential to collect:

  • Police accident report on the car crash.
  • Any photos of the accident, including damages to the autos and other property around the collision. 
  • Witness accounts and contact information.
  • Copies of doctors’ evaluations of the injuries and extended care from the car crash.
  • Medical bills for the emergency room and related recovery costs. 
  • Any expenses incurred related to the accident (towing, gas, travel, etc.). 
  • Copies of the health insurance policies for all involved.

Our skilled JV law team manages the discussions and demands of the insurance claims adjustor.  We will also collect the reports and work with you to collect the paperwork.  You can focus on recovering from the accident while we handle lengthy conversations.  Their time is not our concern; your time is!

NGIC Says they won’t leave you stranded after a car accident

The company offers an emergency expense allowance of up to $500 for food, lodging, and travel to safely get a car crash victim home.  This is an excellent supplement for NGIC customers, but does it extend to drivers who have been hit by a driver insured by the National General?  We make sure that it does. 

When a Texas car crash occurs, the expenses can pile up.  If you can collect information on-site after the collision, it will help with your insurance claim.  As noted above, collecting eyewitness testimonies and photos is significant.  It’s suggested you take the following types of photos for evidence after a Texas car crash:

  • Document the damage to each car.
  • Take photos of physical injuries.
  • Click pictures of Road signs, crosswalks, and lights.
  • Trees and shrubs should be photographed too, they can help tell the story of the accident.
  • Take photos of nearby buildings.
  • Always document the intersections.
  • If a construction site is near the accident, take a few photos.

Finally, consider other details that may have contributed while you are there. Remember to get photos from various angles and take more than you think you need.  Visual evidence is a very powerful tool when it’s time to file a claim. 

National General Insurance provides a helpful page with more details on how to document a car crash in the Rio Grande Valley:

If you can take photos after an accident, terrific, but don’t ignore signs of pain or soreness.  Accept medical care and don’t worry about the bills.  You have a right to be fully compensated while recovering. 

The benefits of NCGI PIP Coverage in Texas

Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, is a type of no-fault insurance that helps cover claims. Although PIP requirements vary state by state, Texas law says insurance companies must offer PIP coverage to their customers, which begins at $2,500. Although the state mandates insurers to provide this coverage, Texans can choose to buy it or not. 

Texas also doesn’t require an insurance adjustor to disclose whether their client has PIP coverage.  So, if you are the victim of an NGCI customer, you just have another reason to speak to a lawyer first.  We will fight to discover every detail about the other drivers’ insurance policy and get you fair compensation for your damages. 

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