Trucks Are Heavy. If One Hits Your Vehicle, You Will Need a Lawyer

Here at Javier Vilalrreal Law Firm, we’ve noticed how fast the trucks seem to be going these days in Brownsville! We wish we could yell at all of them to SLOW DOWN! But they won’t. Even worse, we are seeing an uptick in collisions. This is true of all Cameron County, and not just Brownsville. There are many trucking accidents in the Harlingen area too, because of all the trucks going to and from the airport.

Part of the problem is simply the fact that trucks are so heavy. If you get hit by another car, that’s bad enough, but if you get hit by a truck your car is almost certain to be a write-off. Worse still, getting hit in a trucking accident can frequently result in serious injury.

Indeed, some people who are involved in a trucking accident may never be able to work again. They may not even be able to walk and could need 24-hour care. In that case, the compensation that you could claim after a trucking accident can run into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

Now You Have Another Problem

Of course, when the accident is not your fault, the responsibility for paying the compensation that you should have is upon the insurance company of the truck driver. Now you have another problem, and it is a very big one.

The simple fact is that insurance companies do not like to pay out. Despite what they may claim in their advertising, they hate to pay out because it has a direct effect on their profits. The more they pay, the less profit they make.

It works the other way around too, because the less they pay the more profit they make! So, the result is that they will fight you tooth and nail in order to reduce any payments to you by as much as possible. From their point of view, reducing your claim by 100% would be great!

This is why they appoint very expensive lawyers who have one job to do, and one only. That is to reduce the amount they have to pay you by as much as they can.  

And that is why you need us at Javier Villarreal Law Firm to fight them on your side. Our job is one, and one only, too. That is to see that you get every last cent that you are due!

Don’t try to fight insurance company lawyers on your own. They will make mincemeat of you.

But they are not going to make mincemeat of us! We will fight to get you the compensation that you deserve.

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