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If you’re looking for a Weslaco TX accident Lawyer, you might find that the best personal injury lawyer in Weslaco works out of nearby Brownsville! Nuestros abogados en Weslaco que hablan español están listos para ayudarle!

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    Weslaco Texas is a wonderful community with about 40,000 people. That said, the accident rate in the community is above average. We see more than our fair share of inquiries from accident victims seeking out the best personal injury lawyer in Weslaco.  Our attorney speak Spanish, so if you’re looking for an “abogado de accidentes en Weslaco,” please call us and let our Spanish-speaking staff assist you. 

    If you’ve suffered an accident in Hidalgo County in or around Weslaco, Texas,  don’t delay. It might be a simple car accident. It might a trucking accident. Or it might be a multi-vehicle accident. Regardless, the best next step is to reach out to our legal team to discuss possible settlements.


    The city of Weslaco is one of the many byways along Interstate Highway 2. The town is a common thoroughfare for semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, and other big rigs transporting food and goods through Texas. It’s also a busy highway for people traveling through warmer weather in the winter months. There are a few common reasons for car and truck accidents on Weslaco roads; distracted driving , speeding, DUI and quick lane changes. Here is an example of a deadly car crash on a Weslaco, Texas, Expressway.

    The Weslaco police department has an active Facebook page.  You can contact the records department for a police report. According to, Weslaco had two fatal accidents in 2020, 3 vehicles were involved in fatal accidents, and of these two involved drunk driving. Four total people were killed in fatal accidents.  You can also access in-depth statistics on Weslaco accidents, here, as well as here.


    Located in the southern area of the Rio Grande Valley, the city of Weslaco, Texas is between McAllen and Harlingen on Interstate 2. It is dubbed “City on the Grow” by the Weslaco Chamber of Commerce. Weslaco is rich in American/Mexican culture, with a racial composition of 89.06% Hispanic or Latino citizens. Texas is a leading supplier of sweet yellow onions, and the Weslaco Onion Fest is a popular annual event. Alfresco Weslaco is a Music and Art Festival and a mainstay for the community. There are many outdoor activities around the Weslaco area. The Frontera Audubon is located in the city’s heart. The natural preserve provides 15 acres of trails to hike and observe wildlife such as birds, butterflies, and wetland animals. Weslaco is only 1 ½ hours away from the beaches of South Padre Island.


    Q. I’ve been in a car crash and have a green card.  Do I have the right to speak to a lawyer?

    A, Citizen status does not matter in a Texas personal injury case.  All persons have the same rights to compensation and can speak to a Weslaco car accident lawyer.  Our law firm offers a free consultation, and it should be noted that only a trained attorney can evaluate your Weslaco car or other accident against the facts and the law. So please reach out for a consultation! No one should suffer in silence after a personal injury because they are concerned about their citizenship status.  Our legal team supports English and Spanish-speaking residents who need help fighting insurance companies for fair compensation. Our attorneys speak Spanish.

    Q. A car hit me while walking in Weslaco.  Can a lawyer help fight the insurance company to pay my medical bills?

    A. Personal injury cases can be different.  Sometimes an accident happens between cars.  Or a truck may jackknife and cause a pileup of other vehicles.  Then there are the pedestrians hit by drivers.  In the case of a pedestrian/car accident, injuries could be more serious.  According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2021, there were 5,370 car crashes involving pedestrians in Texas.  Our injury lawyers specialize in individual injury cases, including pedestrian accidents. Our accident lawyers can help a Weslaco Texas pedestrian receive fair compensation to cover their medical and other related costs.

    Q. I was injured while working on a construction site, and now the insurance carrier won’t cover all my expenses.

    A. Insurance carriers can be notorious for lowballing an estimate for a construction accident.  An employee not only suffers injuries, but there is recovery time and possibly rehabilitation.  The initial estimate could be much lower than the final cost of a workplace injury.  As one of the best construction accident attorneys in Hidalgo County, we are ready to assist and help workers receive the proper compensation to cover their injuries.

    Q. I’m not sure if I should call a personal injury lawyer about my accident. Should I?

    A. Every accident has its own story. Individual injury cases do not always involve cars, motorcycles, and workplaces.  Our law firm is also known as;

    The type of personal injury you have doesn’t matter to us.  We are here to listen and review the case. Then we’ll be real about what we can do to get you fair compensation.

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    1. Get on I-2/US-83 E from S Texas Blvd and E Expressway 83/E Frontage Rd/U.S. 83 Frontage Rd S
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    3. Follow Frontage Rd and W Ruben M Torres Sr Blvd to Wild Flower Dr
    4. Arrive at 2401 Wild Flower Dr, Brownsville, TX 78526


    Personal injury law, of course, is the area of the law that covers what most people think of they want to sue another party (often a corporation or an insurance company) for damages. Here are some of the areas that we can help you if you are in Weslaco and/or the accident or even happened in Weslaco, Texas –

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      A Factoid About Weslaco, Texas

      Weslaco‘s somewhat late start allowed them to avoid the trials and errors of other communities and also guaranteed that from the very beginning the town had its history recorded on film. S.L. Edrington was perhaps the most prolific photographer in the area. Hall Studio and Yoder Studio were also in Weslaco and photos from all three studios help illustrate the Hidalgo County and Weslaco books. Source:

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