18-Wheelers Are Big – And if You Get Hit by One It’s Going to Be Serious

“18-wheeler” is an alternative or slang word for a very large truck truck or a “big rig”. The thing is that if you are out in your car, or even on a motorbike, and you get into an accident with an 18-wheeler, you are going to know all about it, because they can do some serious damage because of their size. It is somewhat akin to being trodden on by an elephant!

18-wheelers can do serious damage to your car.

However, the fact remains that you have rights under Texas law, and if the accident is not your fault you have a claim against the driver of the 18-wheeler. Depending upon the amount of damage to your car or bike this may involve completely replacing it. But more than that, there are also any injuries that you or your passengers may have suffered. In an accident of that type, they can often be life-changing, so the compensation that you can claim could run into the hundreds of thousands, or even more than a million.

Now it is very unlikely that an 18-wheeler driver is going to have that sort of money in the bank, so your compensation will have to come from his insurance company. And that is where your problems only begin.

They Hate to Pay Out after Big Rig Accidents

This is because, despite what they say in their advertising, insurance companies hate to pay out. As such, they will do everything that they can to avoid paying you, or at the least reduce your claim as much as possible, and that is why they employ very expensive lawyers for precisely that purpose. Their only job is to reduce your claim to the minimum, and preferably nothing at all!

And that is why you need Texas-based 18-wheeler accident lawyers like JV Law Firm on your side to fight them on your behalf. As 18-wheeler accident lawyers, we only have one job too, and that is to get you the maximum compensation that the law says that you deserve.

You cannot fight the insurance company lawyers on your own because they are like the elephant we just mentioned: they are big and hard, and they will stamp all over you.

But they don’t scare us because we are 18-wheeler accident lawyers and we are big and hard too, and we will fight them tooth and nail. Our truck accident lawyers know all the laws around accident compensation just as well as they do.

Not only that, but having us on your side is not going to cost you anything because we work on a “no win, no fee” basis. That means that we agree a fee with you at the outset, but you don’t pay it unless we win your case for you. So, make an appointment to come and talk to us. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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