A Personal Injury May Mean You Deserve Compensation. We Can Help.

South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley are our home and we love it! OK, perhaps not the heat quite so much, but we love the different people and the blending of the cultures. We also love striving to be the best of the South Texas personal injury law firms and ensuring that our clients who have suffered get the compensation that they deserve.

Compensation for personal injury.

People who have been involved in an accident that was not their fault come to us from all over the Rio Grande Valley because of our reputation as being the personal injury law firm that gets RESULTS! We get results because our lawyers know the law inside and out, from top to bottom, and we love nothing better than getting up and fighting for our clients’ rights. The big insurance companies employ armies of lawyers with the sole intention of keeping the amounts they have to pay out to an absolute minimum. They do this because the less they pay out, the more profit there is for them at the end of the year. They don’t care about people who have suffered injury as a result of their client’s carelessness or negligence, they are only interested in their bottom line.

You Are In A Fight and Need a Personal Injury Law Firm

As one of the top South Texas personal injury law firms, Villarreal Law Firm has a team of top lawyers who will take up the cudgels on behalf of innocent citizens who have suffered injury. It may not be fair, but whether you like it or not the fact is that if you have suffered injury and are claiming compensation from the guilty party’s insurance company you are going into a fight.

In the same way as if the country was going into battle with an enemy, you need a trained army of personnel behind you if you are not going to get beaten. On the battlefield there is only ever one winner, and it is the same when you are in a fight with an insurance company and its’ lawyers. If you don’t get the full amount of compensation that you are due, the insurance company has won, and you may even come away empty-handed. That would not be a good result.

Villarreal Law firm is one of the top South Texas personal injury law firms, if not the very best, and our attorneys have the training and experience you are going to need. We have learned our craft on the battlefield in the thick of it, and our years of obtaining the right compensation for accident victims mean that we know every trick that the other side is going to try and pull. Don’t let them get away with it: get us on your side.

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