Insurance Companies Hate to Pay Out, Despite the Way They Advertise

What is an accident? It is an unforeseen event. Not planned, but not necessarily truly unexpected. We all know when we get into a car that we might have an accident. That is why Texas law requires us to have automobile insurance. It means that if the accident is our fault, our insurance company will […]

Not Every Driver in the RGV Is Good. Some Are Really Terrible

We LOVE the RGV! It’s the best place to live, not just in Texas but maybe in all of North America. The nature. The border. The people. It’s an amazing place to live. A lot of other folks love it too, but unfortunately some of them are not very good drivers! So we have more […]

There Are More Than Average Trucking Accidents in Texas

Texas is a big state with wide, open spaces and lots of highways and byways. Sadly, we have more than our fair share of trucking accidents in Texas. We know that right here in South Texas, there are more than a few trucking accidents near and around Harlingen and Valley International Airport. There are also […]

Christmas Is Coming up, and There Are More Car Wrecks Now

There are more car wrecks in Brownsville during the holiday season, and as we have Christmas coming up it is likely that there will be more cars and trucks on the roads. Unfortunately, that means that more people will be injured in car wrecks in Cameron County, and if it happens to you then you […]