Christmas Is Coming up, and There Are More Car Wrecks Now

There are more car wrecks in Brownsville during the holiday season, and as we have Christmas coming up it is likely that there will be more cars and trucks on the roads. Unfortunately, that means that more people will be injured in car wrecks in Cameron County, and if it happens to you then you will need the services of our expert car wreck lawyers at Villarreal Law Firm.

Many car wrecks happen on South Padre Island.

You may wonder why you need the services of a car wreck lawyer, especially if you have never needed to use one before, but the plain fact of the matter is that insurance companies do not like paying out thousands of dollars in compensation. It stands to reason: the less they pay out over the course of a year, the more profit they will make, so they do everything that they can in order to keep the amounts that they are required to pay out to the absolute minimum.

That is why you need our car wreck lawyers if you have been injured and are entitled to compensation. When you use us at Villarreal Law Firm you cannot lose. This is because we charge you nothing unless we obtain compensation for you. When we do obtain compensation, then we charge you an agreed fee. So if we fail to get you any compensation, then it has cost you nothing.

But I Can Do It Myself And Won’t Have To Pay You At All!

Ah, you say, but if I go into court myself and get compensation, I won’t have to pay you any fees at all. You are perfectly correct, but unfortunately that could cost you a lot of money. In order to pay out as little as possible, the insurance companies employ very expensive and highly skilled lawyers. Their only job is to get the court to order as small amount of compensation as possible – and preferably nothing at all! Now if you think that you can outsmart a top lawyer who is only there for that one purpose, then good luck with that!

Let’s just look at the sums. If you are entitled to $100,000 and the insurance company lawyer manages to get the court to order payment of, say, $40,000, then you just lost $60,000. If you use one of our car wreck lawyers and he manages to get the court to order the full amount of $100,000 and our agreed fee is – let’s say 25% – then you will still get $75,000 which is $35,000 more than you would have got trying to do it yourself in order to “save” money! If we only managed to get the court to order $80,000 you would still be $20,000 better off.

What’s more, if we don’t manage to get you any compensation at all – highly unlikely! – then we don’t charge you a cent. Does that all make sense?

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