If You Are In an Accident in the Valley, The Insurance Company Will Fight You

Accidents happen throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Not just car wrecks, but trucking accidents, slip and falls, boat accidents, animal attacks – all sorts of accidents. That’s predictable. What else is predictable?

If you are involved in an accident that was the fault of someone else, their insurance company will fight to pay you as little as possible. You need professional help.The insurance companies will fight – HARD – not to pay you what you deserve. Accidents happen, so call a lawyer to fight on your behalf. You can’t fight the insurance companies on your own and expect to get a good result.

If your accident was anywhere within the Rio Grande Valley, or even further away, the best accident lawyers are Villarreal Law Firm in Brownsville. This is because we are specialist lawyers, because all we do is represent people who have been in an accident and now need to fight an insurance company. If you want to sue someone who hasn’t paid you or you want to get a divorce, we don’t do those. We could do because we are legally qualified, but we don’t. We just handle accident cases. And we are very, very good at it. Just check out some of our reviews.

The Last Thing They Want To Do Is Pay Out

The simple fact is that, despite what they say in their advertising, the very last thing that any insurance company wants to do is to pay out. That goes for every last one of them. The less that they pay out, the more profit they make, and in a perfect world, as far as they are concerned, they would never pay anyone anything at all. So, they will fight every last step of the way. Yes, they may have to pay something, but they want that number to be as small as possible.

Accidents happen, so call a lawyer – one of our lawyers – to stand up against the insurance companies on your behalf. You can’t fight the insurance companies on your own, any more than you could fix the broken leg or whatever you suffered in the accident. You need a doctor for that, and you need us to fight the insurance company.

If you try to fight the insurance company on your own, their lawyers will take you to the cleaners. That is because you don’t know the law and they do. So, you need a lawyer on your side who understands the law in the same way that they do and can fight them on a level playing field.

Accidents happen, so call a Brownsville accident lawyer at Villarreal Law Firm and let’s get started on your claim. You can leave everything in our – very capable – hands in order to get you the compensation that you deserve.

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