Accidents Happen – Even In Small Towns Like Rancho Viejo, Texas

The dictionary definition of the word “accidental” is “happening by chance, unintentionally, or unexpectedly.” So an accident on the road in a place like Rancho Viejo is just that: something happening by chance. That’s why it is called an accident rather than an “on purpose”.

Car wreck attorney in Los Fresno, TexasThat is also why anyone driving on the roads is required by law to have insurance, so that someone who is on the receiving end of an accident can get compensation for the damage to their vehicle or for personal injury, which can sometimes run into millions of dollars depending on the degree of injury.

This is why insurance companies exist. They are there to provide the compensation that the law decides is due. However – and this is what most people forget – as far as they are concerned they are there to make a profit. To be fair, they are after all running a business. Having said that, it becomes apparent that they make money in two ways. First they charge a fee – known as a premium – to the people they insure. But secondly it has to be remembered that the less they pay out in compensation the more that also adds to their profit. It follows that they will do everything that they can to keep compensation to a minimum. They have car accident attorneys to fight you so that you get less than you deserve. It follows that you need a car accident attorney in Rancho Viejo (or anywhere else in Cameron Count) who will fight for you and your rights.

Keeping Pay-Outs To A Minimum

In fact, keeping pay-outs to a minimum is so profitable that they employ highly trained lawyers to help them to do so. If you have been involved in a road accident in Rancho Viejo you need some help in tackling these expert lawyers, which is why you need a Rancho Viejo accident attorney such as ourselves. If you try to do it yourself, the insurance company lawyers will walk all over you.

They will try to make out that it was all your fault, even though there is not a grain of truth in their allegations. They will use every trick in the book to prevent you from receiving the compensation that the law says you deserve.

Javier Villarreal is a Rancho Viejo accident lawyer based in nearby Brownsville, Texas, and has years of experience taking on the lawyers of the big insurance companies in order to get full compensation for accident victims. We have won millions of dollars for clients not just in the RGV but in the whole of Texas and beyond, so we have the expertise that you would expect to find in a Rancho Viejo accident lawyer: we will fight the case on your behalf and see to it that you receive the compensation that the law says that you are due, rather than the pittance that the insurance company would prefer to pay out.

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